Celebrities who fought cancer and won

Veteran broadcaster Robin roberts One of the most inspiring figures for people battling cancer. As an award-winning journalist and longtime anchor of ABC good Morning America, Roberts established himself as a familiar face and trusted news source in homes across the country. But after receiving a breast cancer diagnosis in 2007 and exactly five years after that, she was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder called myeloidoplastic syndrome (MDS), something more personal and powerful than Roberts. Came to represent, a kind of grace and resilience dealing with her excruciating battle with the disease that inspires millions of people to control their own health.

When asked how she is doing in the 2018 interview treatment The magazine, Roberts, said: “Strong like a bull! I’m not among those who use the word” remover “, but I’m thankful that nothing is detectable at this point. I get my regular checkups Are, and I just love. I’m feeling myself like that again. It took a few years. “For more useful health information delivered directly to your inbox, sign up for our daily newspaper .

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