Cedric Alexander officially joined The Hurt Business, leading to the decision

The Hurt Business made another significant acquisition on this week’s Monday Night RAW as Cedric Alexander officially joined the top heel faction.

The MVP has been trying to induct Seric Alexander into The Hurt Business for the past few weeks, and the former Cruiserweight champion made advances in the heel in the latest episode of Raw.

For this week’s show there was a six-member tag team match between The Hurt Business against the team of Alexander, Ricochet and Apollo Crew. However, before the match MVP, Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin attacked Alexander. Despite the pre-match attack, Babyface made the save, and the match went on.

However, WWE had a twist in the store as Alexander would send Ricochet to the barricade and turn up. Cedric Alexander then hit an Apollo crew with a lumbar check. Benjamin took advantage by joining with Paydirt for the win.

Cedric Alexander provides the reason behind joining The Hurt Business

It was later confirmed that Cedric Alexander was the newest full-time member of The Hurt Business. He even got a Hurt business shirt to seal the deal.

A special edition of the MVP Lounge was held, with Hurt Business officially announcing the inclusion of Cedric Alexander in its ranks.

Alexander took in the microphone and explained the reason behind his decision to join the faction. The 31-year-old WWE superstar explained that he broke up while competing with his former friends, Apollo Crew and Ricochet. He was sacrificing his body and career to help someone else get a championship opportunity. Cedric Alexander cut an impressive promo, shortened by The Viking Raiders, crew and Ricochet.

An improvement 8-man tag team match was booked, and as expected, the competition was an all-action showdown. Cedric Alexander played his new heel character to perfection throughout the match.

At the end of the match Cedric Alexander rolled out of the Ricochet 630 effort before catching his opponent with a Michinoku driver.

As Ricoche kicked out at the last moment, it looked like the finish was botched. However, the angles and matches on this week’s Raw were made to solidify Cedric Alexander’s heel turn, and the early signs look really promising.
Published 08 September 2020, 07:27 IST


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