CDC Warns of a National Rise in Cases, But the Bay Area Continues to Decline and Counties Are Reopening

After more than a month of sinking coronavirus cases nationwide, the numbers have started to flatten and even climb again, prompting a stern warning from US public health leaders on Friday to remain cautious. In the next weeks.

The situation was brightest in California and the Bay Area, where cases and hospitalizations continue to decline and counties have begun easing public health restrictions. Together, national, state and local portraits underscored the precarious state of the pandemic even as vaccines increase.

“The most recent data suggests that these declines may be stagnant, possibly stabilizing at a still very high number,” said Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, during a briefing at the House Blanca on Friday. “At the CDC we consider this to be a very worrying risk along the way,”

He warned that a more transmissible variant of the virus first detected in Britain, along with emerging variants in New York and California that also appear to spread more easily, may become dominant in the country by mid-March and may already be causing the recent ones. spikes. .

“We may now be seeing the initial effects of these variants in the more recent data,” Walensky said. He added that “things are weak” with the pandemic and highlighted caution when reopening the economy. The current numbers are still higher than the peaks reached last summer and spring.

“Now is not the time to relax the restrictions,” Walensky said.

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