CDC says Georgia children and staff keep camp camp positive overnight for coronavirus

A coronovirus outbreak was reported at an overnight camp in Georgia that did not require a camper to wear a face mask.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention released a study on the outbreak on Friday, stating that it shows that children are susceptible to the virus and “play an important role in transmission.”

The camp, which was not named by the CDC, held an orientation for 120 staff members and more than 130 trainees in mid-June, according to its morbidity and mortality weekly report. Staff members stayed in the camp and on June 21, more than 360 campers, aged 6 to 19, participated.

After 23 days, on June 23, a teenage staff member left after freezing and later tested positive for coronavirus. The camp started sending people home the next day and alerted the state’s public health department.

Of the children and staff in whom the virus was tested, 260 came out positive, of which 23 of them were 17 or younger.

The CDC said in a press release, “Settings such as multi-day, overnight summer camps present a unique challenge to prevent the spread of infectious diseases when considering the proximity of on-time campers and staff members. is.”

The Health Department recommended that everyone present at the camp undergo tests for virus and self-quarantine. Those who tested positive were asked to isolate. The camp closed on 27 June.

According to the CDC, everyone in the camp had submitted documents that they had tested negative for the virus, but campers were not required to wear a face mask. Only staff members were required to wear masks.

The report also noted that campers slept in the cabin and “took part in a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, including daily loud singing and cheering.”

The CDC report states that “asymptomatic infection contributed to normal and potentially preterm transmission,” as previously described. “This investigation suggests that the body of evidence indicates that children of all ages are susceptible to SARS-CoV-2 infection and may play an important role in transmission, contrary to early reports.”

The CDC said in its press release that proper use of face masks, along with rigorous cleaning and social disturbances, can help prevent the spread of the virus. These recommendations are included in the CDC’s recently released guidance for the reopening of schools, which is being debated as the White House calls for schools to reopen completely.

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