CDC employee Timothy Cunningham disappeared more than a week ago

An employee of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was last seen 11 days ago, when he left work early after complaining that he felt bad, Atlanta police said Friday.

Timothy Cunningham, 35, works as a commander in the US Public Health Service. UU And it has responded to the Ebola virus and Zika virus outbreaks, the CDC said. He has two degrees from Harvard.

The police are now conducting a search of Cunningham and have counted on the help of his family, friends and the alumni network of his alma mater Morehouse College.

The search effort includes small and large groups that are organized for canvas and brochures in the local area, said his close friend David Calloway. He spoke on behalf of the family and is helping to lead the search. Social networks, digital messaging services and Morehouse's alumni network have expanded that effort nationwide.

Timothy Cunningham, a CDC worker who disappeared on February 14, 2018.