CDC data shows thousands of patients in hospitals caught coronovirus taking care of other conditions

More than 7,400 patients presumably caught coronovirus to care for other conditions in US hospitals between mid-May and mid-July, data provided to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Wall Street Journal Shows.

The data, reported by the CDC at half of American hospitals, indicate that hospitals have struggled to prevent contagion within their walls, but experts do not want people to panic. Hospitals are still considered safe and appear to improve when they contain the virus, and the risk of infection remains low throughout the epidemic. Dr., an epidemiologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. Meghan Baker told magazine That avoiding hospitals for fear of being infected with the virus is indeed a “huge public health risk”.

Baker and his colleagues recently published a study, which found that hospitals could, perhaps, control viral without thinking, wearing a mask to test every patient’s movements and allowing everyone to do so. Should be able to For example, Brigham and Women’s Hospital reported only two hospital-acquired COVID-19 cases. but do study more The Wall Street Journal.

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