CDC could meet school requirements this week, says Biden

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) could meet the requirements of schools to reopen as soon as possible on Wednesday, President Biden said in an interview broadcast on Sunday.

Biden told CBS’s Nora O’Donnell in an interview that she believed before the Super Bowl that “it’s time for schools to reopen safely,” after calling it a “national emergency.” Million American children have not been in a class for almost a year.

“You have fewer people in the class,” he said. “You have to have a ventilation system that has been reworked. Our CDC commissioners are coming up with a science-based decision, I think what to do at least as early as Wednesday. “

When O’Donnell said that it “is no longer difficult to play with children, it’s very difficult,” the president replied, “what is it now.”

He said, “I think many of my grandchildren and your children are thinking about the price that whatever it was that won’t get a chance to end.” “That graduation where you didn’t get to walk on stage. I think they are going through a lot of these kids.”

Schools across the country weigh whether to reopen in-person instruction, which is widely considered effective for learning, or to keep learning remote as coronoviruses continue to spread throughout the US

Biden vowed to reopen the schools within his first 100 days as president, but he could face target hurdles as the new COVID-19 strains were considered more contagious nationwide.

Teacher unions and school districts have disagreed over whether current plans are safe for children and staff so they can return to in-person learning, particularly in Chicago and Minneapolis, with some insisting on stronger vaccination plans.

CDC director Rochelle Valensky said last week that vaccination of teachers “is not a prerequisite for the safe reopening of schools.”

According to Johns Hopkins University statistics, the US is confirming 27 million COVID-19 cases and has killed more than 463,000 people.