CC Sabathia rejects Yankees decision in ALDS loss: ‘What the F-K?’

Add CC Sabathia to the chorus of those who questioned the Yankees’ tactics to Rens for his ALDS loss.

From the ominous pitching scheme in Game 2, how Aroldis Chapman was deployed in Game 5 and Chapman’s pitch selection to Mike Brasio, Sabathia was not a fan.

The retired left-hander, currently listed as a special adviser to general manager Brian Cashman, said the Yankees should have used Devi Garcia, Masahiro Tanaka or Jae Hap as the traditional starter in Game 2, when Garcia had just one Was pulled after the innings. Happ returned for Game 3 with Tanaka to start the second.

Sabathia said of her most recent “R2C2” podcast with Ryan Ruckoko, “We tried to play their game and they beat us on it and it’s preparing us for the series.

“All we talk about is this child [Garcia’s] The character and how mature he is and I think that was the perfect time to let him rock, said Massa Rock, Jae Hap Rock, Chloé Sabathia. “Any of those guys start the game and we score five, we win Game 2.”

And going to Chapman in the seventh inning of Game 5 was a mistake.

Yankees Rage ALDS Aroldis Chapman Mike Bros.
Aroldis Chapman gave up a game-winning home run for Mike Bros. in Game 5 of the ALDS.Corey Sipkin

“I mean, he’s going to get seven outs?” Sabathia said. “What F Kashmir? Forgive me, but come on man. What are you doing?”

Since relievers like Chapman and Zack Britton are not used to more than one inning during the regular season, they should not be asked to do so at the playoffs – certainly on consecutive nights, according to Sabathia.

“The way we use our relievers all year, because so many of us are standing in line, I hate to sit and get up from them,” Sabathia said. He said, “He never finished and got back up. That’s why you want it [Chapman] To do this twice and that [doesn’t] Do this sometime ”

Chapman hit Brandon Lowe in the seventh and Brasseau was out to come to the plate before starting Randy Azorzena in the eighth position – and that was unhappy with Saba Chapman’s pitch selection.

“They set him up for a strike if he threw him a slider,” Sabatia said of the final batting. “if [Chapman] Back there with another slider, it’s three strikes and he’s on the next hitter … Gary [Sanchez] Put a slider down and [Chapman] Jerked and threw a fastball. He could make a split and kick the man out. ”


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