Caught someone at home only 12% of the DS

Salt Lake City, Utah – If someone in your household has coronavirus, the probability of catching it is only 12 percent. This is according to a recent study at the University of Utah that tested thousands of Utahns.

For a husband and father who had received the virus, the study seemed true.

“One day, I was at work, and suddenly, I couldn’t smell anything,” Jessie Nagle said.

Jessie never thought he would meet.

“Hey shit, what do I do now?” he said

His immediate concern turned to his family. Nagle, 30, is a husband and father of one-year-old twin daughters.

“I was very scared of it because we don’t know exactly what this virus is doing, and we don’t know what it’s going to do on the road,” he said. “I didn’t want to put my children at risk of anything.”

But fortunately, Jessie did not pass on the virus to his wife, children, or any other family members.

“I was surprised that no one else in the family caught it, that I was the only one who caught it,” he said.

Jessie’s case is not as unusual as it may seem.

According to phase one of a study called the Utah Hero Project of the University of Utah, your chances of catching the virus are only 12 percent if you are living with a Kovid.

The study collected 8,500 Utahns, ages 12 and older, including four counties including Davis, Salt Lake, Summit, and Utah counties – some of the hardest hit areas statewide.

Jessie immediately disassociated herself from her family, and believes that being cautious helped her recover.

“My advice would be: take the advice of the medical community seriously. Wear your mask Practice social disturbances, ”he said.

Jessie is now fully recovered and doing well.