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Catherine Deneuve apologizes for calling the #MeToo movement “Witch Hunt”

A week after signing an open letter that characterized the #MeToo movement as a "witch hunt," Catherine Deneuve has issued an explanation, and an apology, but only to "victims who may have been surprised."

In an interview and open letter that appears on the front page of the French newspaper Liberation Deneuve, 74, he said he signed the original text because he found it "vigorous", though not perfect.

She issued an apology "To all the victims of these horrible acts who might have felt assaulted by the letter published in Le Monde ."

The actress went on to explain her reasoning behind the signing of the controversial letter, stating that there was nothing that "establishes" anything good about the harassment, otherwise she would not have signed it. "

Reiterating the opposition to the The "herd" mentality, he feels he addressed the initial open letter, cited several examples of high-profile celebrities who have been accused of sexual misconduct saying he does not agree with the way in which accusations have been handled in Deneuve said it was unfair to presume guilt without formal judicial procedures.

"They are media lynchings," he wrote.

Le Monde letter caused considerable stir in France last week since Other signatories have tried to explain or redefine their apparent acceptance of certain degrees of traditional masculine behavior, but none have inflamed sensitivities more than when Ignatian – a former pornographic actress became a radio personality – declared in a televised debate during the week that it was "possible for women to enjoy rape".

Deneuve described those comments as "spitting on all those who have suffered this crime."

And while Deneuve apologized to her opponents, she also warned against those who supported her for the wrong reasons. Calling the "conservatives, racists and traditionalists", he said that "he is not fooled". They do not have my gratitude or my friendship. "

Deneuve concluded the letter with an apology to victims of sexual assault.

" It is to them and to them alone that I offer my apologies, "he wrote.
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