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Are you looking to take your Apple AirPods to the elements? Apple has started selling exclusively the Catalyst waterproof case for AirPods in Canada and the United States.

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AirPod customers simply place their existing case in the Catalyst silicone case, which has an IP67 waterproofing rating, which means it can withstand being submerged in 1 meter of water for half an hour. The case is also fall proof and comes with a stainless steel carabiner to attach it to your bag or belt loop.

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The Catalyst AirPods case is available in Canada for $ 39.95, in black, white or bright in the dark. Apple stores have stock available to pick up, while online delivery can arrive before Friday, December 21, 2018.

If you're looking for cheaper third-party waterproof AirPods, this one from Winique at Amazon.ca has a fraction of the price of $ 14.99, and claims to have a higher IP68 waterproof rating, to survive in deep waters of 1.5m to 30 minutes.

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The last congressman of the Republican Party in New England interposed an appeal to keep the seat https://tech2.org/the-last-congressman-of-the-republican-party-in-new-england-interposed-an-appeal-to-keep-the-seat/ Wed, 19 Dec 2018 06:41:06 +0000 https://tech2.org/the-last-congressman-of-the-republican-party-in-new-england-interposed-an-appeal-to-keep-the-seat/

The last remaining Republican congressman in New England filed an appeal on Tuesday seeking to undo the election of his Democratic opponent under Maine's new voting system, asking the court to act quickly as the takeover of the new ones approaches. members of the US House of Representatives UU

Last week, a federal judge rejected the concerns of the US representative. UU Bruce Poliquin on the constitutionality of classified voting, a system used in November for the first time in a race in Congress.

Poliquin lost his candidacy for re-election to Democrat Jared Golden. Your appeal asks the United States First Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston to reconsider your request to nullify the election result and declare you the winner or order another election.

Poliquin says he should be the winner because he won the majority of the first place votes on election day. But Golden won the race in an additional round of voting in which two independents were eliminated and their votes were reassigned.

In his appeal, Poliquin states that voting by preference order "violated the constitutional rights of all voters." Poliquin says that the judge's rejection of his requests "avoided the explicit questions presented, often placing the questions at a more superficial level of analysis."

Meanwhile, Golden's chief of staff, Aisha Woodward, said the judge's decision was "very clear" and called it the "best response" to Poliquin's appeal.

Poliquin's appeal comes just weeks before Golden is sworn in on January 3.

But Congress does not have to wait for the litigation to end before deciding whether to swear to Golden, said Edward Foley, a professor of constitutional law at Ohio State University's law school. That decision is in the hands of the new House controlled by the Democrats, where the Democratic leader of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, earlier this month rebuked the fight of the Republicans against the election of rank and the victory of Golden.

"Congress does not have to be controlled by litigation to decide whether to fill the position of elected member," Foley said. "That is a decision that Congress finally takes for itself."

Another fight for a career in the House of Representatives has been brewing in North Carolina, where Republicans want their candidate to take their seat in Congress in a race not yet decided marked by accusations of fraud on the ballots.

But the fight there differs from Poliquin's demand, which has to do with concerns about the system that Maine uses to tabulate the winners.

According to the vote in order of preference, a system that Maine voters approved in 2016, all candidates are classified on the ballot, and the candidate who obtains the majority of the first-place votes is the winner. If there is no majority winner, the last-place candidates are eliminated and the second-choice votes are reassigned to the remaining field. The process is sometimes referred to as an instantaneous runoff.

Poliquin has criticized the vote for election of rank as so "confusing" that effectively does not deprive voters of rights.

Last week, the US District Judge. US, Lance Walker, said critics may question the wisdom of the classification vote, but that criticism "does not become constitutional impropriety." The judge rejected several of Poliquin's constitutional concerns and said the Constitution gives states a margin of maneuver to decide how to elect federal representatives.

Poliquin has also abandoned his request for a recount of Maine's election. The secretary of state's office said he is responsible for the "real cost" of the counting efforts.

Last year, the most important state court in Maine warned that classified voting conflicts with the state constitution, which says that the winners of state-level races are the ones who get the most votes, or a "plurality." . And so, Maine uses classified voting only in federal elections and state primary elections, but not for general elections for governor or the Legislature.

The elected Democratic governor, Janet Mills, promised to seek to amend the state constitution so that the system can be used in all elections.

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Republican senators draft a short-term agreement to avoid government closure https://tech2.org/republican-senators-draft-a-short-term-agreement-to-avoid-government-closure/ Wed, 19 Dec 2018 05:18:57 +0000 https://tech2.org/republican-senators-draft-a-short-term-agreement-to-avoid-government-closure/

The decision to move forward on the short-term plan has not been finalized, the sources said. There are still senators who are urging Republican Party leaders to negotiate a broader agreement.

Probably no final decision will be made until at least Wednesday, the sources said, and President Donald Trump must still sign any way forward.

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer of New York told reporters on Tuesday that Democrats would "seriously consider" supporting a short-term spending measure.

The proposal comes after a radical change in the White House's position in the negotiations. Initially, Trump refused to bow to his demand for $ 5 billion in funds from the border wall, a starting point for Democrats that triggered the possibility of a partial closure of the government.

A compromise seemed unlikely after a televised meeting at the Oval Office last week, when Trump confronted minority leader of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat, and Senate minority leader Schumer. about the need for wall funds. The president finally took possession of a possible closure.

"I'll tell you one thing, I'm proud to close the government for the security of the border, Chuck," Trump told the Senate's top Democrat. "So I'll take the mantle, I'll be the one to close it, I'm not going to blame you for that."

But White House press secretary Sarah Sanders suggested on Tuesday that the White House could agree on a compromise bill to keep the government open, because "we have other ways we can get to that $ 5 billion." .

"We will work with Congress if we make sure that a bill that not only provides funding for the wall is approved, but that there is a legislation that has been rejected according to which the Democrats voted 26-5 outside the committee that provides approximately $ 26 billion for border security, including $ 1.6 billion for the wall, "he told Fox News. "That's something we could support as long as we can link it with other funding sources."

Schumer had previously proposed such a bill to avoid a shutdown, but retracted last week because it would not have been approved by the House of Representatives, in part because of opposition from House Democrats to $ 1.6 billion in wall backgrounds.

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Mary Poppins returns to defend songs & # 39; forgettable & # 39; https://tech2.org/mary-poppins-returns-to-defend-songs-39-forgettable-39/ Wed, 19 Dec 2018 05:13:00 +0000 https://tech2.org/mary-poppins-returns-to-defend-songs-39-forgettable-39/

Lin-Manuel Miranda, Emily Mortimer, Emily Blunt and Colin Firth

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From left to right: cast members Lin-Manuel Miranda, Emily Mortimer, Emily Blunt and Colin Firth

There is only one rule established for journalists in the press release of Mary Poppins Returns.

"Do not ask the cast to write Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious."

This point is pointed out by the publicists of the film twice more when we arrived, and it is clear that they are not kidding. Fortunately we think we can live with it.

Emily Blunt, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Emily Mortimer and director Rob Marshall are here to talk about the follow-up to the 1964 classic, which will be released in the UK this weekend.

Hollywood can be full of remakes of movies like A Star is Born, Tomb Raider and Ghostbusters, but Miranda insists that this is a different beast. It's a sequel, not a restart.

"That's an important distinction because we're not the ones trying to improve on Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious," he tells BBC News.

"You can not improve on that, and we know it. The goal is to have eight books per PL Travers, there are some amazing stories of Mary Poppins that have not hit the screen. "

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Mary Poppins returns to take care of a new generation of Banks children.

Mary Poppins Returns is set in the 1930s in London, two decades after the original, with the famous nanny who returns to help care for a new generation of Banks children.

Arriving at theaters 54 years after its predecessor, the critics for the film have been mostly positive.

Robbie Collin, of the Telegraph, called it "practically perfect in every way" in his five-star rave, while Olly Richards of Empire said Blunt was "impeccably chosen as Poppins."

But some critics have focused on the soundtrack, suggesting that it is not up to the original.

"Mary Poppins Returns songs are almost incredibly forgettable," wrote Alissa Wilkinson on Vox. "I challenge you to play some of the melodies when you leave the theater."

The Hollywood Reporter acknowledged: "There is not a song as movingly memorable as Feed the Birds," though he praised The Place Where Lost Things Go for "conveying the underlying pain of the film with a comforting message of hope."

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Julie Andrews in the original 1964 with Dick Van Dyke, who makes a cameo in the sequel

The new score has been written by lyricist Scott Wittman and composer Marc Shaiman, who are best known for Hairspray.

Assuming composition tasks is not an easy task, considering that the original score of the Sherman brothers is considered one of the best for a screen musical.

"I think it's a fantastic score, I really do," says Marshall, who also directed the big screen musicals Chicago, Nine and Into the Woods. "We did not set out to make independent songs, because that does not work for a musical.

"What works for a musical is when they are integrated into the story, but I will say that they are so resourceful, so intelligent, so intelligent, and they are beautiful, so I think that the more people listen to the songs, the more they will be part of their lives "

Music with a message

They may be ingenious and ingenious, but could they really have the same longevity as the 1964 movie?

"I think so," says Mortimer, who plays children's aunt Jane. "I remember hearing the [new] soundtrack for the first time, and I was impressed.

"They were beautiful songs and they are songs that really stay in your head – and, like in the first movie, each song is incredibly ironic, fun and sophisticated, with the use of words and storytelling through the songs, and still A) Yes". We all have a pretty deep message about life and how to approach things. "

She adds: "I feel confident that the soundtrack will be a big part of people's lives for years to come."

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Some critics have said that the role of Mary Poppins is restrictive for Emily Blunt

It seems that the musical branch of the Academy Awards agrees. When the long list of Oscars was revealed on Tuesday, Mary Poppins Returns was the only movie to have two songs in the race for the best original song.

Miranda believes that the songs will last, but adds: "Of course, only time will tell.

"I think it was an incredibly smart decision to hire [Wittman and Shaiman]… it's a love note for the first songs, I'm really proud to sing them. "

Leaving aside the music, most of the attention with the new film has focused on Blunt herself, who takes on the role that Dame Julie Andrews made famous.

She has received mostly positive reviews, but the BBC's art editor, Will Gompertz, said her performance "loses the brand," while others argued that the lead role is actually quite limiting for her.

& # 39; Stern & # 39; but & # 39; generous & # 39;

"For someone with his extraordinary range, the part is like a straitjacket," David Edelstein wrote in Vulture.

"Ordered to the children, her Mary puts a stern face and freezes her frown in place, then gives a little smile when they turn their backs, something she repeats with diminishing returns."

But Blunt responds to BBC News in response: "I do not see it just as something severe and all that, it's a woman with a coat of many colors, really, what I love about her is the duality she has."

"She's stern, she's buttoned up, she's ready, she's holding everything within her reach, but nevertheless, she has to be so generous to enter people's lives and inject it with fantasy and magic and a sense of wonder" .

Mary Poppins Returns is part of a resurgence of music on the big screen, something that Marshall welcomes.

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Image capture

More music on screen: La La Land, The Greatest Showman and A Star is Born

"I remember when I made Chicago years ago, they told me that the genre is dead because the public did not accept the people who sang on the screen," he recalls.

"But I think that gender is never the problem, but how it is handled, you must be very careful when you do a musical because a bad one does not work, but when it does, it feels created without problems, where you have a dialogue that moves perfectly in the song and return to the dialogue.

"I should feel like one path to tell a story I should not feel that a piece has been applied and pushed, it should feel like a natural and organic experience. "

For Miranda, best known for the creation of Hamilton, one of the most popular shows in the West End, the more musical they improve on the big screen.

"I think I'm really proud to be part of this resurgence, as someone who works very hard to make musicals, it's a victory for me," he says.

"And I also think it continues to resurface as we continue to innovate in our musicals.

"The Greatest Showman is different from A Star is Born, it's different from La La Land, it's different from Mary Poppins Returns, and I think as long as we keep pushing the boundaries of the types of stories we're supposed to tell, we can still enjoy this Renaissance ".

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Trump hits the tech giants by 'bias' after the reports that the Russians armed them for their benefit https://tech2.org/trump-hits-the-tech-giants-by-bias-after-the-reports-that-the-russians-armed-them-for-their-benefit-2/ Tue, 18 Dec 2018 14:22:56 +0000 https://tech2.org/trump-hits-the-tech-giants-by-bias-after-the-reports-that-the-russians-armed-them-for-their-benefit-2/

Donald Trump

President Donald Trump's remarks appear as reports have emerged that show the widespread use of social media by the Russian government, including Twitter, to bolster the Trump administration. | Yuri Gripas-Pool / Getty Images

President Donald Trump on Tuesday accused the main technology and social media platforms of harboring a bias towards Democrats, accusing Twitter of discouraging its followers on the platform just days after the publication of heartbreaking reports detailing government use. Russian social networks to boost the president during after his 2016 campaign.

"Facebook, Twitter and Google are so inclined towards the Democrats that it's ridiculous! "In fact, Twitter has made it much more difficult for people to join @realDonald Trump," he wrote in a tweet. "They have eliminated many names and have considerably reduced the level and speed of increase. They have not done ANYTHING recognized!

The story continues below

Conservatives have long accused technology platforms of suppressing their online ideology, allegations that companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google have denied. Google CEO Sundar Pichai faced the glaring question of Republicans in the House of Representatives last week during a testimony at the Capitol.

Trump's comments suggesting that Twitter is purposely hindering its followers on the platform it uses prolifically, reports emerge that show the widespread use of social networks by the Russian government, including Twitter, to reinforce the Trump administration and the campaign president's 2016 presidential election.

The new reports prepared for the Senate Intelligence Committee show that the Russian agents have carried out a campaign of great influence, publishing in all social media Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, owned by Google, Instagram, Reddit, Tumblr and Pinterest.

Reports claim that the Russian trolls farms carried out their campaign of influence not only during the 2016 elections, but also in the middle cycle of 2018, seeking to "undermine the confidence of citizens in government, exploit social fractures, create distrust in the information environment, blurring The lines between reality and fiction undermine trust between communities and erode confidence in the democratic process, "according to one of the reports.

The reports, and now Trump's comments, put technology giants such as Facebook, Twitter and Google from all sides of the political spectrum, after Facebook last week announced another security breach on the platform, the most recent in several data privacy scandals to Rock the company in recent years.

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MIT invents method to reduce nanoscale objects https://tech2.org/mit-invents-method-to-reduce-nanoscale-objects/ Tue, 18 Dec 2018 04:06:55 +0000 https://tech2.org/mit-invents-method-to-reduce-nanoscale-objects/

This month, MIT researchers announced that they invented a way to reduce nanoscale objects, smaller than what can be seen with a microscope, using a laser. That means they can take any simple structure and reduce it to a 1,000 of its original size.

The miniaturization technology, called "implosion fabrication", could be applied to everything from the development of smaller microscopes and cell phone lenses to the creation of small robots that improve everyday life.

"People have been trying to invent better equipment to make smaller nanomaterials for years," said neurotechnology professor Edward Boyden, the lead researcher, in a statement. "There are all kinds of things you can do with this."

It's a long way from "Honey I Shrunk the Kids", but the new method has many great cool uses. For example, scientists are exploring ways to add small robotic particles to anti-cancer drugs that only cancer cells can search for. And forget the microchips: MIT says that this technology could be used to develop even smaller "nanochip" electronic devices.

The best part? MIT's state-of-the-art technique simply requires a laser and an absorbent gel (commonly used in baby diapers), materials that most biology and engineering labs already have.

This is how it works: with a laser, the researchers create a structure with absorbent gel, similar to writing with a ballpoint pen in 3D. Then, they can join any material (metal, DNA or small particles of "quantum dots") to the structure. Finally, they shrink the structure to a tiny size.

"It's a bit like film photography," said graduate researcher Daniel Oran. "A latent image is formed by exposing a sensitive material in a gel to light, then it can develop that latent image in a real image by joining another material, silver, later".

MIT engineers devised a way to create nanoscale objects in 3-D by modeling a larger structure with a laser and then reducing it. This image shows a complex structure before shrinking.

In fact, Oran is a trained photographer, and the project started in 2014 when he and the graduate student Samuel Rodriques, who has experience in physics, decided to collaborate.

The team discovered the method by reversing a common technique, originally developed by Boyden to expand images of brain tissue. Called "expansion microscopy," that process involves injecting a material into a gel and then making it larger and, therefore, easier to see.

By doing the opposite, the researchers were able to make nano-sized objects. Previously, similar laser techniques could only do two-dimensional structures, and other methods to reduce 3D objects were much slower and more difficult to perform in most laboratories.

"Normally, nanotechnology uses very expensive technology and requires sterile rooms (…) but we did not have to do it because of the scaffolding we use to protect the materials," said Rodriques.

The researchers say that this technology could be easily accessible in the future; It is even something that you could use at home or at school because all the materials are not toxic.

"It is quite difficult to imagine at this time all the things we can do with this," said Rodriques.

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Pterosaurs simply remain rarer https://tech2.org/pterosaurs-simply-remain-rarer-3/ Mon, 17 Dec 2018 17:41:11 +0000 https://tech2.org/pterosaurs-simply-remain-rarer-3/

Even experts often turn to the word "strange" when describing pterosaurs, the winged dragons that dominated the sky for more than 160 million years. This is especially true in the case of the group of short-tailed pterosaurs called anurognatids, which used to dart and jump through the forests of the Mesozoic era, like bats, looking for insects.

Now it seems that anurognatids and other pterosaurs may also have used an oddly varied layer of structures similar to feathers and skins, according to a new study published on Monday. Ecology of nature and evolution. A team led by paleontologist Zixiao Yang of Nanjing University in China came to that conclusion based on two specimens of almost complete pestosaurian anurognatids, the size of a pigeon, found in northern China.

The idea that pterosaurs (which lived approximately 228 million years ago until the extinction of the Cretaceous 66 million years ago) may have had some type of coat similar to the skin is not new in itself. Researchers have proposed it since the discovery of the first known pterosaurs in the 19th century. But the exact nature of this cover has been difficult to determine from the short structures, similar to filaments, called picnofibras, conserved in fossils of pterosaurs. The new study set out to fill that gap with the help of a battery of advanced technological tools. As a result, the authors characterize what they say are four different types of pycnofibers, distributed around the body of the animal in ways that suggest different types of pycnofiber that perform different functions: thermal insulation in the neck and head, for example, or reduction of the drag on the wings. A type of pycnofiber is a simple monofilament, similar to a hair. But three others appear to be branched in a way that the authors describe as "remarkably similar" to the feathers of birds. The similarities go beyond the form, or morphology, they say, to the similarity in the chemical and cellular levels.

Based on this finding, the study also argues that "the integumentary structures of feathered ramifications" may have evolved not first in dinosaurs, as was generally thought, but in some primordial archosaur, a common ancestor of pterosaurs and dinosaurs , including modern birds. This would mean that the ancestor even of dinosaurs decidedly not avian like Stegosaurus It could have been covered in feathers, instead of scales. It would also push the origin of the feathers out of the Jurassic period and retreated 60 million or 70 million years until the dawn of the Triassic period.

That early date for the appearance of the feathers would fit, says Michael Benton, lead author of the new study and paleontologist at the University of Bristol in England, with the transition from an extended posture to an upright and warm-blooded posture in many animals. groups, along with other evidence indicating "the pace of life accelerated" while the Triassic species struggled to recover from the Permian-Triassic mass extinction, in which 70 percent of terrestrial vertebrates had disappeared some 252 million years ago. years. It would also fit with the evidence that most of the genes that control the production of feathers were present in vertebrates before the origin of dinosaurs.

The counterargument, says Benton, is that great dinosaurs like it Stegosaurus or Brontosaurus The feathers were missing. But that is no stranger, he says, than elephants or whales that have little or no hair, although both evolved long after the evolution of hair in mammals.

In a commentary published in the same issue, behavioral ecologist Liliana D'Alba of the University of Ghent, Belgium, who was not involved in the new study, is skeptical. The study shows that the chemical composition of picnofibers is similar to that of feathers, he wrote, and both scanning electron microscopy and X-ray energy dispersion spectroscopy show that the fibers contain melanosomes, the same packets of pigments that impart color to feathers and mammals. hairs But the claim that some picnofibers are branched as feathers is based, she says, on the subjective interpretation of the "thick filament morphology", or shape. She points out that a previous attempt by other researchers to characterize picnofibras as feathers failed to persuade most paleontologists. It may require developments in other advanced technologies, he suggests, to solve the question.

"Does this work show that archosaur skin was more complex than we knew? Yes, "says Yale ornithologist Richard Prum, whose extensive knowledge of feathers was the basis of his award-winning book of 2017 The evolution of beauty. (Prum was not involved in the new study either). "Does it show that the archosaurs grew all kinds of interesting things on their skin? You bet All you have to do is look at a turkey beard to see that really new things can evolve into the skin of an archosaur." But Prum says the authors' grand conclusion is "wrong" because they ignore this evolutionary ability of novelty; just because the pterosaurs produced some strange structures like feathers does not automatically imply that the feathers have arisen in some common ancestor of the pterosaurs and dinosaurs. "These pterosaur skin appendages are great," says Prum, "but their branched structure is not homologous to that of the feathers," that is, they do not have a shared evolutionary origin. "And they probably are not homologs with feathers at all," he says. "In short, they are not feathers."

Most of them are not even spicy, says pterosaurs specialist David Unwin of the University of Leicester in England, who was not involved in the study. "These are fantastic specimens, and they did a brilliant job of getting images," he adds. But he argues that researchers are wrong when they use the keratin content to identify certain structures such as external picnofibers. Those structures, he says, are almost certainly pterosaur wing tissues called actinofibers, which can also contain keratin. None of the nine authors of the new study has experience with the preservation of soft tissues in pterosaurs; perhaps as a result, says Unwin, they do not refer to other relevant studies, for example, about the melanosomes of pterosaurs. His interpretation of the evidence, he adds, "is problematic, to say the least."

Benton challenges critics to show that "structures in pterosaurs are morphologically or chemically different from feathers." Meanwhile, he says, "we are having a parsimonious view" that they are actually feathers. He compares the new study with putting a kite: "We are establishing a hypothesis that can be tested."

Attempts to tear down that comet, by means of rhetorical shots, have begun.

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Homeless man accused in the saga GoFundMe coming out of jail https://tech2.org/homeless-man-accused-in-the-saga-gofundme-coming-out-of-jail/ Fri, 14 Dec 2018 17:41:03 +0000 https://tech2.org/homeless-man-accused-in-the-saga-gofundme-coming-out-of-jail/

Johnny Bobbitt, the Philadelphia man who became homeless when he became the face of a viral GoFundMe campaign aimed at helping him recover, will leave the county jail while awaiting trial in the case.

Bobbitt appeared for his detention hearing Friday in the Burlington County Superior Court, where his attorneys and Assistant Prosecutor Saurabh Singal informed Judge Mark Tarantino of his agreement to release him.

The terms of his release include electronic monitoring and the requirement to attend meetings of Narcotics Anonymous three times a week, Tarantino said.

Bobbitt may continue to live in his apartment in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia, but must provide a copy of the lease to Pre-Trial Services in Burlington County, the judge added.

Bobbitt also must not have contact with the two suspects he allegedly conspired with, Mark D'Amico and Kate McClure, or any of the victims, Tarantino said. "They may not know who they are, but do not go looking for them," he said.

The agreement comes after Bobbitt applied for the drug court last week, lawyer John Keesler told reporters after the hearing.

That request is still pending. But if Bobbitt were accepted and completed the program, his charges would be resolved.

What you should know about the drug court in New Jersey | Your legal corner

"The most important thing, sir, is that you need to maintain your sobriety," the judge said. "Only good things can come up." He wished Bobbitt well before the end of the hearing.

Bobbitt did not speak at the hearing, except for the "yes sir" and "no, your honor" answers.

Keesler did not know what time he would go to Bobbitt Street on Friday, but he said he would have to get out of jail first.

"I'm happy he's out … He's happy to be out," Keesler said.

Bobbitt was involved along with D & # 39; Amico and McClure, a former couple who lived in Florence at the time, and that prosecutors say they used the money for themselves, instead of helping Bobbitt, whom they described as a veterinarian homeless who gave McClure his last $ 20. a night last fall.

The three were indicted last month for theft by deception and conspiracy.

Johnny Bobbitt, $ 400 GoFundMe indictor, on the far right, appears with attorneys at the Burlington County Courthouse on Friday, December 14, 2018. (David Swanson, group photo / The Philadelphia Inquirer)
Johnny Bobbitt, $ 400 GoFundMe indictor, on the far right, appears with attorneys at the Burlington County Courthouse on Friday, December 14, 2018. (David Swanson, group photo / The Philadelphia Inquirer) David Swanson

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The dracula ant that sucks blood sets the new fastest animal record https://tech2.org/the-dracula-ant-that-sucks-blood-sets-the-new-fastest-animal-record-2/ Wed, 12 Dec 2018 17:41:06 +0000 https://tech2.org/the-dracula-ant-that-sucks-blood-sets-the-new-fastest-animal-record-2/

There is a new animal faster on Earth and it is … an ant.

I'm sorry if we disappoint you, but believe it or not, this small and somewhat terrifying man has released the new album. And it is in Australia.

Known as the Dracula ant, its jaws close with a click 5000 times faster than in the blink of an eye.

The quick creature uses a snapping mechanism to quickly slide its jaws together, similar to a snap of a finger.

It sucks the blood of its larvae as food, hence its name, and uses its jaw to eat other insects or to defend itself.

The Dracula ant is one of at least six ant lineages that have evolved with jaws with power amplification adapted for high-speed movements.

The scientists recorded images of the jaws ranging from zero to 320 km / h in 0.000015 seconds, which makes it the fastest known animal movement.

The speed can determine if it catches food or if it is eaten by a predator.

In a study published today, scientists said that the fastest movements of animals incorporate closures and springs in their appendages to overcome the limits of muscle power.

"We also discovered that the shape of the mandible of the jaw is specialized for bending, consistent with its use as a flexible spring," they said.

"These results extend our understanding of animal speed and demonstrate how small changes in shape can lead to dramatic differences in performance."

This particular species is restricted to Australia, tropical Africa and Southeast Asia.

Because of their cryptic habits, they are rare to collect.

The researchers, led by the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, said they wanted to better understand a gap in knowledge of animal performance, and that there is no detailed information on the mechanisms of the jaw.

This story originally appeared on news.com.au.

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Manafort broke the plea agreement by repeatedly lying, says Mueller https://tech2.org/manafort-broke-the-plea-agreement-by-repeatedly-lying-says-mueller/ Tue, 27 Nov 2018 00:30:23 +0000 https://tech2.org/manafort-broke-the-plea-agreement-by-repeatedly-lying-says-mueller/

This is a story in development. Come back for updates.

WASHINGTON – Paul Manafort, a former president of President Trump's campaign, repeatedly lied to federal investigators in violation of a plea agreement he signed two months ago, the special attorney's office said in a court filing on Monday night.

The "crimes and lies" of Mr. Manafort during a series of interviews with prosecutors working for special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, and F.B.I. Relieve them of all the promises they made in the plea agreement reached in mid-September, the researchers wrote in the presentation.

The defense lawyers did not agree. Mr. Manafort has been sincere with the special attorney's office and has complied with the agreement, they argued in the same state report to Judge Amy Berman Jackson of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia. Given the deadlock between the two parties, Mr. Manafort asked that Judge Jackson set a date for the sentence.

The dramatic development at hour 11 of Mr. Manafort's case means, at a minimum, that prosecutors will not ask for a lighter punishment in exchange for their cooperation. They could also possibly try to re-file bank fraud charges that they agreed to dismiss as part of the plea agreement.

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