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Samantha Cerio, the gymnast at the University of Auburn who dislocated both knees and tore multiple ligaments during a university competition in April, recently opened up about the injury that ended her career in an interview with ESPNW.

The video of the horrific injury quickly went viral, prompting the senior to post a statement on social media that concluded: "My pain is not your entertainment."

MORE: the chestnut gymnast Sam Cerio breaks both legs during the routine

From espnW:

"People tagged her, her family and friends on Twitter when they shared the videos, forcing everyone to relive a moment they wanted to forget." Friends begged strangers to stop sharing the video on Facebook. Auburn showed the video in a class science exercise, and one of Cerio's teammates had to sit there and watch, crushed. "

"I did not believe that some people would like to see the video and be able to publish it:" My God, look what this girl did, "laughing at that," Cerio said. "From this very high moment of seeing university gymnasts they become viral for the floor routines and get ten everywhere until a very big difference when someone is injured, and it's not something that people are used to seeing in sports."

Cerio was transferred by private plane to Birmingham, Alabama, for surgery, performed by Dr. James Andrews and Dr. Benton Emblom.

Emblom told EspNW:

"To put things in perspective, Dr. Andrews has been taking care of the athletes for 45 years, and he said he had never seen a bilateral knee dislocation in an athlete, so it's like a 100-year storm." I'll probably never see him again. "

Four weeks after the injury, the 22-year-old engineering student was able to walk on her graduation with the help of crutches.

One month after her graduation, she walked 25 steps down the aisle at her wedding.

"Walking down the aisle was something that really made the wedding day so much sweeter," Cerio said. "I am very stubborn and I want to achieve the goals I set for myself, and I do not know if our friends and family were so surprised, but it was something that definitely helped improve the wedding day."

The former gymnast now lives in Charleston, S.C., with her husband, where she continues her rehabilitation and works for Boeing.

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Coach O Lookalike's video running on the beach is going viral https://tech2.org/coach-o-lookalikes-video-running-on-the-beach-is-going-viral/ Mon, 15 Jul 2019 09:18:59 +0000 https://tech2.org/coach-o-lookalikes-video-running-on-the-beach-is-going-viral/

To update: The video of "Coach O" running on the beach is, unfortunately (or fortunately), only one aspect.

"Well, it turns out he was not the coach O. He was just a man living his best life on the beach." A beautiful thing, "states the updated report.

Earlier: You probably did not come this weekend thinking you needed to see the video of someone who seems to be LSU's head coach, Ed Orgeron, running on the beach, but trust me, you do.

A video of "Coach O" chasing a young man on the beach has emerged.

It's not going well for the man who runs.

Check it out:

Hey, you can not hit the effort.

LSU can certainly use that kind of effort when it opens its 2019 season on August 31 against Georgia Southern.

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Eyewitnesses of viral arrest on Pensacola Beach – WEAR https://tech2.org/eyewitnesses-of-viral-arrest-on-pensacola-beach-wear-2/ Mon, 15 Jul 2019 09:11:45 +0000 https://tech2.org/eyewitnesses-of-viral-arrest-on-pensacola-beach-wear-2/

Eyewitnesses of viral arrests at Pensacola beach talk about wear

PENSACOLA BEACH, Florida (WEAR) – Eyewitnesses to the altercation between a deputy and a man on Pensacola beach are talking. All channels 3 …

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Wedding photos taken at Waipahu Costco go viral: news, sports and weather of Honolulu, Hawaii https://tech2.org/wedding-photos-taken-at-waipahu-costco-go-viral-news-sports-and-weather-of-honolulu-hawaii/ Mon, 15 Jul 2019 09:03:30 +0000 https://tech2.org/wedding-photos-taken-at-waipahu-costco-go-viral-news-sports-and-weather-of-honolulu-hawaii/

"I was buying at Costco and had posted on my Instagram story, I was taking a video of the mac and the cheese, talking about how I would like it to be good for you because you can eat a full serving of mac and cheese in a single session. that's when Brandon made a comment that he should only understand, "said Jessica Brown, who met her husband at Costco.

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Mysterious woman riding scooter photo-bombs wedding party, sparks viral search: "We love her for that!" – History https://tech2.org/mysterious-woman-riding-scooter-photo-bombs-wedding-party-sparks-viral-search-we-love-her-for-that-history-5/ Mon, 15 Jul 2019 08:20:40 +0000 https://tech2.org/mysterious-woman-riding-scooter-photo-bombs-wedding-party-sparks-viral-search-we-love-her-for-that-history-5/

– This photo-bomber has just made its way to viral fame.

Groom Matt Reilly was posing with his groomsmen outside their wedding venue in downtown Omaha, Nebraska, when the group was interrupted by a woman dressed brightly on a Lime motorcycle.

"I love jumping into people's pictures and if I have the opportunity, I take it." There I am thinking to myself: "I'm going to bomb this image", said Kenyatta Jefferson, the bomber, Yahoo Lifestyle. "When she was taking the picture, I approached."

The sponsors of the photo barely had time to understand what was happening when the woman broke the photo, posing for three frames.

"When your wedding is in downtown Omaha during the University World Series, you never really know what might happen," photographer Molly B. Photography wrote on Facebook.

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As soon as the boyfriend and his group realized that they had been bombarded with a photo, they tried to get her to come back and do it again, which made her happy.

"Everyone was saying:" Come back, come back! "So, I turned around them again and they went crazy and trying not to fall", Jefferson, who was exploring the area of ​​the center on her scooter with her husband Eric and Another friend, he told Yahoo Lifestyle.

However, as soon as he made his second loop, he left, leading the photographer, Molly Giangreco, and the groomsmen to start a viral campaign in search of the mysterious girl scooter.

"This woman, having the best time of her life on a scooter, continued to pass us by – posing for pictures and we LOVE her for that!", Wrote Giangreco on Facebook. "She wanted to see them, so let's see if we can find her sharing."

Giangreco also created a "Find Scoot Girl" hashtag. Fortunately for the party, the hashtag went viral, and in an hour, a friend of Jefferson saw the photo and immediately alerted the woman.

"They were like," What are you doing with these people's wedding party? ", Said Jefferson about his friend's message, informing her about the photo.

Soon after, Reilly and his group could name the face that hilariously ran through their photos. But more than that, Reilly said that it has taken away a great lesson in life.

"From this experience, I think the most important thing is to live in the moment, as cliché as it may seem," he told Yahoo Lifestyle.

Giangreco also updated his photo to label Jefferson, and thanked all who could trace it.

Get updates on this story on FOXNEWS.com.

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Police officer dancing goes viral for the challenge & # 39; Git Up & # 39; https://tech2.org/police-officer-dancing-goes-viral-for-the-challenge-39-git-up-39-3/ Mon, 15 Jul 2019 08:13:30 +0000 https://tech2.org/police-officer-dancing-goes-viral-for-the-challenge-39-git-up-39-3/

A video of a dancing Maine police officer has gone viral. The video shows Eze VanBuckley, an official at East Millinocket, participating in the "Git Up" challenge. The challenge has people from all over the world dancing in "The Git Up" by Blanco Brown. The East Millinocket Police Department posted the video on Saturday. "Early on a beautiful, sunny July morning, Officer Eze VanBuckley began our Summerfest activities on Saturday 2019 with his glorious Dance Movements participating in #gitupchallenge," they wrote. "VanBuckley will not direct a training on dance moves to our other officers because we can admit that we are not as talented as him." Watch the video above for more information.

A video of a policeman dancing from Maine has gone viral.

The video shows East Millinocket official Eze VanBuckley participating in the "Git Up" challenge. The challenge has people from all over the world dancing in "The Git Up" by Blanco Brown.

The East Millinocket Police Department posted the video on Saturday.

"Early on a sunny and beautiful July morning, Officer Eze VanBuckley began our Summer Festival activities on Saturday 2019 with his glorious dance moves participating in #gitupchallenge," they wrote. "VanBuckley will not direct a training on dance moves to our other officers because we can admit that we are not as talented as him."

Take a look at the video above for more.

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Kid Cudi reveals that he has just "Trippin's balls" in the Viral video MGM Coachella https://tech2.org/kid-cudi-reveals-that-he-has-just-trippins-balls-in-the-viral-video-mgm-coachella/ Mon, 15 Jul 2019 08:06:13 +0000 https://tech2.org/kid-cudi-reveals-that-he-has-just-trippins-balls-in-the-viral-video-mgm-coachella/

Last year, Coachella produced one of our favorite viral videos of all time: Kid Cudi going out and dancing with a smile from ear to ear on his face while MGMT played "Electric Feel". On all social media platforms, the video has received tens of millions of visits, but Cudi simply clarified something: he did not. Drunk at all.

Genius re-posted the video on Twitter last week, which led Cudi to reveal the true story of the matter.

I do not know if I ever told you this, but this was just when the acid started to activate and I could not help it, so no, I would not say I was drunk just for shooting balls. @whoisMGMT Thanks for letting me roll with you. My face was melting and I felt so fucking free!

Well, there you have it.

Watch the Kid Cudi video dancing again below.

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People record the accident of Kankaria Ahmedabad. Viral video of fear https://tech2.org/people-record-the-accident-of-kankaria-ahmedabad-viral-video-of-fear/ Mon, 15 Jul 2019 07:59:03 +0000 https://tech2.org/people-record-the-accident-of-kankaria-ahmedabad-viral-video-of-fear/

Hours after a terrible malfunction on a ride in an amusement park in Ahmedabad caused the death of three people and wounded several others on Sunday, a chilling video of the accident has gone viral on social networks.

The Kankaria Adventure Park trip had about 30 people at the time of the accident and collapsed after a pipeline in the main well broke. The chilling images of the moment are seen in the video while the spectators shuddered with fear after the trip collapsed with the people in it.

The video has gone viral after being available online and seen more than 84,000 times. It's scary

Watch the video here:

Meanwhile, netizens became enraged by the authorities involved after watching the video and posting angry comments. "This is just the oversight of internal control, they just focus to make money, this must be investigated and necessary to take action as soon as possible, bad Sunday," reads a comment. Another user wrote: "This is very tragic, break the heart, RIP to those who are no longer there and pray for those who are injured, always avoid sitting on such a dangerous journey."

"Deficient construction, poor periodic inspection / maintenance, etc.", opined the majority of the spectators.

Shortly after the accident, civic officials rushed to the scene, while 28 people were seriously injured and taken to a nearby hospital immediately. Three people died as a result of the accident.

Speaking of the accident, MF Dastoor, Fire Director, said: "There are 32 seats on the course that are spinning, the main shaft pipe broke and crashed on the ground, the way the pipe broke is a matter of forensic investigation, Science Laboratory (FSL), "according to the PTI news agency.

A senior civic official told the ANI news agency that the wounded received proper treatment, adding: "The police, together with the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) team, will investigate why the march worked, the mechanical reason behind from this".

The official also said that strict measures will be taken against those responsible for the accident.

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Chimpanzee escapes from the zoo, Guardian of the kicks in viral video https://tech2.org/chimpanzee-escapes-from-the-zoo-guardian-of-the-kicks-in-viral-video/ Mon, 15 Jul 2019 05:59:23 +0000 https://tech2.org/chimpanzee-escapes-from-the-zoo-guardian-of-the-kicks-in-viral-video/

A chimpanzee escaped from its enclosure at the Hefei Wildlife Park in China.

A chimpanzee escaped from his camp in China's Hefei Wildlife Park on Friday morning, causing much confusion and chaos when he attacked visitors and even kicked an employee on the ground. The 12-year-old male chimpanzee, named Yang Yang, was seen running on the roof and evading capture for some time before he was shot with a transquiliser dart and returned to his cage.

According to the Daily Mail, the chimpanzee made his "prison escape" by climbing a fallen bamboo tree.

Police were called to the scene and visitors were evacuated from the wildlife park, but not before the chimpanzee ran to some of the onlookers. A video that went viral online captured the incident and also shows the chimpanzee kicking a zoo keeper on the ground.

Look the following video:

After failing to persuade Yang Yang to return to his compound, the authorities threw a reassuring dart at him. A video shared by Hefei police shows the chimpanzee climbing to the roof before falling asleep. Then he was transferred back to his compound.

According to the authorities, no one was injured in the incident, including the one in charge of the zoo.

In 2016, a chimpanzee escaped from a zoo in Japan and avoided capture for some time by climbing a stick.

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The bottle challenge video of Salman Khan has a message from Dabangg https://tech2.org/the-bottle-challenge-video-of-salman-khan-has-a-message-from-dabangg/ Mon, 15 Jul 2019 05:30:59 +0000 https://tech2.org/the-bottle-challenge-video-of-salman-khan-has-a-message-from-dabangg/

Salman Khan in a still image from his Bottle Cap Challenge video (courtesy of seresalmankhan)

New Delhi:

Is here. The video of Salman Khan & # 39; s Bottle Cap Challenge is here. On Sunday, the superstar gave us a tour of his gym, but before that, Instagram responded to an adrenaline training session with a video from Bottle Cap Challenge. The video begins with Salman's preparation to unscrew the bottle cap and then, just when you think he's about to throw his kick, he goes to the bottle and removes the lid. Why? Why: "No thakao paani bachao"Salman explains it in the legend, Salman Khan then finishes the water bottle with the camera and looking at all the gym equipment in the background, we can understand why.

Meanwhile, Salman Khan's Instafam has literally gone crazy, causing the video to go viral with the amount of "like" that increases every second. At the time of writing, the Salman Khan video in Bottle Cap Challenge had more than 4.4 million views.

Here is the Salman Khan version of the Bottle Top Challenge.

Meanwhile, he would like a visit to his gym, which has been specially designed to help him prepare for Dabangg 3?

The Bottle Cap Challenge was presented in Bollywood by none other than Akshay Kumar and the celebrities who gave it a personal touch include Kunal Kemmu, Riteish Deshmukh and Parineeti Chopra. Kunal Kemmu had the same motto as Salman Khan's.

Meanwhile, Riteish Deshmukh seemed to "complete" the challenge of the bottle cap through his tweets.

Parineeti Chopra, who will head the next biopic of Saina Nehwal, unscrewed the lid of the bottle with a badminton racket.

Here is how Akshay Kumar brought the trend of the viral challenge to Bollywood:

On the work front, the busy line of star Salman Khan in the film includes Inshaallah Y Dabangg 3.

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