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When Roxli Doss, 11, and his family received the news that he had developed a brain tumor that was inoperable, one can imagine his dismay. They were told that the tumor, which was diagnosed by doctors at multiple institutions, including Johns Hopkins, as diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG), had no cure.

That was in June 2018, and now, half a year later, the tumor can not be found. Young Roxli's MRIs have no trace of the tumor, and doctors can do little more than scratch their heads.

"It's very weird, but when we see it, it's a devastating disease," explained Dr. Virginia Harrod of Dell's Children's Medical Center. "He has a reduced ability to swallow, sometimes loss of vision, reduced ability to speak, and finally difficulty breathing."

Although there is no cure for the disease, Roxli's family decided to continue with an 11-week radiation course. They were helped financially by friends and family, as well as by others who contributed to a benefit that the family maintained a few months after their diagnosis. The family has also established a GoFundMe to offset some of the high costs.

Radiation therapy is given because it has been shown to slow the growth of cancers by killing cancer cells over time. Several sessions are needed to progress against cancer, but radiation alone is not considered a cure for the disease. It is not clear if this is a rare exception to that rule or if there is something else at stake that eluded medical professionals.

While the cancer seems to have completely disappeared, Roxli's family and doctors are taking a cautious approach. The girl will still undergo additional treatments to improve the odds against the possible return of cancer, but for now things look very positive.

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Montae Nicholson of the Washington Redskins, girlfriend arrested, accused of drunken attack Wed, 19 Dec 2018 05:21:11 +0000

Washington Redskins guard Montae Nicholson was arrested on Tuesday after police said he and a partner assaulted two other people in Virginia.

According to reports, Nicholson, 23, and Sydney Maggiore, 24, were honking their vehicle's horn at an unidentified man and woman around 2 am when, according to police, things "became physical "

Nicholson and Maggiore left the vehicle and both attacked the man, reported Fox 5. It is said that Maggiore hit the female with a bottle of beer.

Both were charged with minor assault and being drunk in public. Nicholson was released on bail while Maggiore remained in police custody.

Redskins spokesman Tony Wyllie said in a statement that the organization is "aware of the arrest," but will not comment, pending further investigation.

The two who were allegedly assaulted were taken to a hospital in the area, where they were treated for injuries that did not threaten their lives.

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Who won the 15th voice season? Wed, 19 Dec 2018 05:17:00 +0000

Listen, we had every intention of telling you who won. The voice Tonight, but then NBC was and had Brendon urie act in the middle of the show, so we only saw and saw that again for an hour. Cool? Cool

It's a joke. A kind of review of the rest of the show and its many, many, many performances, making sure to give each finalist his moment. In particular, we were here for a 14-year participant from Team Jennifer. Kennedy Holmes, whose presence on the stage surpassed each of the other contenders every step of the way, and then landed in fourth despite landed on the first in our survey yesterday.

Blake team Kirk Jay then he took third place, and went to Blake's team Chris Kroeze and Kelly's team Chevel pastor, with the victory finally reaching Chevel! Team Kelly has now won twice in a row, and we are here to do it.

Maybe Shepherd was not the one we originally thought he was going to win, but there's no doubt that he's an incredible talent with a fantastic old-school voice. The moment he opened his mouth during his performance with Dan & Shay tonight went a little further, and it could be all you need to see to see how good it is.

The show tonight also featured performances by Halsey, Dirks Bentleyand future voice coach John Legendand now we see Brendon Urie dancing on that stage a few more times.

Good evening and happy holidays!

The voice It airs on NBC.

MY! and NBC are part of the NBC Universal family.

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The stock market is in the worst december since the Great Depression Tue, 18 Dec 2018 17:41:10 +0000

The Dow and the S & P 500 fell approximately 7.8% through Monday. That's the biggest drop for every key barometer in the market since 1931, according to data from LPL Research. But those losses in the Depression era were much larger: the S & P 500 sank 14.5%, while the Dow sank 17%.

However, the swoon of December 2018 is making investors nervous because earnings growth could have peaked this year. They worry that the economy may slow down in 2019 due to continued trade tensions with China and rising rates by the Federal Reserve.

The Dow and the S & P 500 are in the red during the year, putting stocks on track to have their worst annual loss since the Great Recession of 2008, and the first annual loss since 2015.

Dow drops 508 points, Nasdaq becomes negative for the year.

But investors can still expect markets to recover in the last days of the month (and the year).

December is usually a very solid month for the market. Professional money managers tend to buy high-yield stocks to make their portfolios look good, a phenomenon known as showcase.

There's also the mysterious Santa Claus rally effect. The market tends to have good results in the last week of the year, which is attributed to a volume of light trade with so many people outside of the Christmas holidays.

For this, the shares rose a little more than 1% Tuesday morning.

So from now on, the current monthly market losses are more in line with the low market performance in December 2002, when the Dow and the S & P 500 fell more than 6%.

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Druckenmiller warns that the stock market is a big "mirage" at this moment Tue, 18 Dec 2018 14:11:08 +0000

We are one day closer to see if the president of the Fed, Jerome Powell, launches a lifesaver to this market.

If the Federal Reserve retains an expected rate increase for a long time, it can thank investor legend Stanley Druckenmiller and Fed governor in the 2008 era, Kevin Warsh, says Kevin Muir, Macro Tourist's blog, in reference to an article of recent opinion in The Wall Street Journal in what the two warned the central bank has lost its window for such a move.

"This opinion piece is a much bigger deal than most market participants currently appreciate," says Muir, who believes that the combined power of the two could exert some influence. Warsh, the "world's biggest legitimate hawk," has "given tons of coverage for Powell to err on the moderate side," he says.

And while Santa Claus definitely has a lot of work for him if that year-end rally is still approaching, Muir believes that a Fed pause will mean a rally for the shares.

But do not refer to Druckenmiller as a bull, as our call of the day It comes from the man himself who suggests that the stock market is concerned about closer inspection. In an interview with Bloomberg Television, Druckenmiller says the Fed is seeing "a bit of a mirage" with only a 13% drop – this quarter – for the S & P 500.

"Because if you look inside the stock market … the front-end cyclicals show a completely different image to the defensive parts of the market. Automotive stocks have fallen by 30%, are not 10% or 11%, construction stocks have fallen by 35%, banks … have fallen by 25% … Russell has fallen by 20%, Retail stocks have fallen more than 20%. How in the world can the S & P 500 lower only 10% or 11%? "That's because public utilities, basic products and pharmaceutical products, economically defensive actions, are rising," he says.

Read: The largest stocks that are in a bear market at this time.

"The inside of the stock market, which is the best economist I know and have used in all cycles when I invested, is saying that there is something that is not there," said Druckenmiller.

He added that since 2010, corporate non-financial debt has increased to $ 6 trillion of $ 9.6 trillion and during that time corporate profits have increased by 27%. And the only way to explain a 60% increase in the S & P 500 during this time is "because all that money borrowed was used to finance repurchases and mergers and acquisitions", and the Fed encourages investors to take more risks and to POTUS to do more tax expenditures.

Druckenmiller said that the USA. UU They may be observing a situation similar to that of 2007, although they are not forecasting a recession like some, not even advocating a rate cut. He also told Bloomberg that he is the owner of Treasurys, which has few financial stocks and believes that cloud computing shares such as Microsoft

MSFT, -2.96%

and Salesforce

CRM -4.53%

It will surpass even if the economy contracts.

But in the next three or five years, yields will not be a field day, says the investor that MoneyWeek once referred to as one of the "biggest investors in the world."

The market


YMH9, + 0.56%

S & P 500

ESH9, + 0.54%

and Nasdaq

NQH9, + 0.55%

Futures indicate a rebound at the beginning of the negotiation. Monday's attack saw the Dow.

DJIA, -2.11%

Drop 500 points and the S & P.

SPX, -2.08%

and Nasdaq

COMP, -2.27%

Post 52 weeks fresh closing minimum.

Meanwhile, raw

CLH9, -2.24%

CLH9, -2.24%

is pushing new lows of 14 months of its own. The dollar

DXY, -0.26%

it is flat and gold

GCZ8, + 0.01%

is not going anywhere Asia markets

ADOW, -1.15%

It had an approximate session, while the European markets.

SXXP, -0.27%

they have fought

Check out Market Snapshot for more coverage

Plus: The last key death cross is ready to gobble up the stock market

The graphic

The monthly survey of Merrill Lynch fund manager at Bank of America is out and there is a new winner in the "busiest trade" category. Congratulations American dollar. Our letter of the day from B. de A. strategists shows how the "Long FAANG + BAT" (Facebook

FULL BOARD, -2.69%


AMZN, -4.46%


AAPL, -0.93%


NFLX, -1.51%

Google Alphabet

GOOGL, -2.48%

In addition to the giants of Chinese technology Baidu

BIDU, -4.33%


SLIME -3.37%

and Tencent

0700, -1.94%

) call has renounced the throne after 10 months dominating as the most popular position among investors.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

As the Times notes, more than half of the 3% swings have occurred since October, and things do not seem to be calming as we head for the holidays.

The buzz


ORCL, -1.87%

He is awake after being surprised by Monday's solid earnings, but those results received a big help from the repurchases of important stocks. Nike

NKE, -3.63%

will report after Thursday's close and analysts' expectations are high, maybe too high.

Johnson and Johnson

JNJ, -2.90%

He says he will buy up to $ 5 billion in shares again.

Thirty-one civil rights groups are calling Facebook

FULL BOARD, -2.69%

CEO Mark Zuckerberg will step down as chairman of the board and Operations Director Sheryl Sandberg will leave the board altogether.

The board of the CBS

CBS, -2.56%

says that the former CEO, Les Moonves, will not receive his $ 120 million gold parachute.

Do not forget to check our annual list of the ones you must follow in Finance Twitter

TWTR, -6.80%

The economy

The long-awaited two-day Fed meeting begins on Tuesday. Before that, housing starts in November and building permits exceeded forecasts.

Read: The Fed must carry out a complicated balancing act,

The phrase


Chinese President Xi Jinping

"No one is in a position to dictate to the Chinese what should or should not be done." Cancel the Affordable Care Act. "- That was the president of China, Xi Jinping, perhaps in a commercial coup, while speaking at the Central Economic Center, Labor Conference Tuesday, however, the markets did not get exactly what they wanted, without major announcements, although There have been comments about tax cuts intended to stimulate the economy.

The stat

202 years: that is the time that will take the wage gap between men and women to finally close, says the World Economic Forum in its Annual Report on the gender gap in the world. And that's a small improvement over last year's results.

Random readings

Cannabis oil could take the British to the Indonesian prison for 15 years

Porch pirates will want to avoid the crouching of this NASA engineer.

Roger Stone apologizes for all those lies in InfoWars

Chicago mourns two police officers after subway accident

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Oracle bought a pace of earnings with share buybacks Tue, 18 Dec 2018 03:52:50 +0000

Oracle Corp. surprised Wall Street with strong gains on Monday, but only with the help of major share buybacks.

Oracle & # 39; s

ORCL, -1.87%

Adjusted fiscal earnings for the second quarter of 80 cents per share reached the end of their forecasts and a little higher than the Wall Street consensus estimates of 78 cents per share, according to FactSet. Their actions were recovered in post-business hours, up 5%, despite the fact that their cloud services business, which is now reported along with the license support, only met expectations.

However, that amount per share should be taken with an approximate value of $ 10 billion in salt grains, since Oracle admitted that it repurchased that amount in the quarter, around 203 million shares. It is the second consecutive quarter in which Oracle has repurchased more than $ 10 billion, more than double the previous software company's record for quarterly buybacks entering this fiscal year. Oracle is halfway through its fiscal year and has so far totaled more than $ 20 billion in share buybacks, a big jump from its total spending of $ 11.5 billion in shares in fiscal year 2018, a Oracle record at that time.

Opinion: The rebuys of erroneous actions are emptying the balance sheets of companies

Two analysts estimated that share buybacks were added between 3 cents and 4 cents to Oracle's earnings per share in the quarter, and that's just a three-month retracement. In the past 12 months, Oracle has repurchased 602 million shares, equivalent to approximately 12% of its total outstanding shares, said Safra Catz, co-president of Oracle, at the company's earnings conference call.

"Given the way repurchases reduce stock count quarter after quarter, Q2 EPS benefited around $ 0.09 in the last 12 months of Oracle share buybacks," said Steve Koenig, analyst at Wedbush Securities, in an email "Net income increased 2% year-on-year, but EPS grew 14% due to share repurchases. In other words, the EPS would have been around $ 0.71, one cent more than in the same quarter of the previous year, without the last 12 months of repurchasing shares. "

The use of stock repurchases to increase corporate profits has been the favorite tactic of many corporate giants, who use it when revenue and earnings growth begins to decline. A study conducted in 2016 in the Journal of Financial Economics suggested that "managers are willing to exchange investments and jobs for share repurchases that allow them to comply with analysts' EPS forecasts."

Do not miss: the share repurchase machine in the overdrive as CEOs enjoy tax savings

Some investors have lost faith in Oracle in the last year, as their cloud business began to slow down. Earlier this year, the software giant stopped separating separate revenues for its cloud business on its own. In September, it was said that the company's top executive in the cloud, Thomas Kurian, was taking a long break, and two weeks later, Oracle said he was leaving. In mid-November, Kurian appeared as the head of Google

GOOG, -2.45%

GOOGL, -2.48%

cloud business.

Oracle chief executive Larry Ellison tried to repel pessimism in Monday's call, and predicted that the company will see a rapid migration from Oracle's local database business to Oracle Cloud, but analysts did not seem to believe his mistake. Jefferies & Co analyst John DiFucci pointed out that Oracle customers will be slow to get there, while Ellison responded that the migration can be done very quickly.

Instead of honestly addressing the areas where it has a lower performance, Oracle seems to be responding with a financial policy and its typical bombing. It is likely that Oracle is not alone in its quest to back its sunken inventories and slowly growing profits with share buybacks, but investors should be wary of these moves that make the numbers look more attractive than they really are.

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Migos Rapper Offset Crashes Cardi B & # 39; s Set in Rolling Loud to apologize Sun, 16 Dec 2018 17:41:08 +0000

Screenshot: Twitter

Last night was a lot.

As the first woman to lead the Rolling Loud Festival the night before, we should celebrate this pivotal moment in the Cardi B race. But instead of bathing Cardi with praise for his achievement, the Internet is upset with this:

During his performance, the rapper of Migos Offset crashed on stage to apologize to the world for cheating on his wife. What in theory sounds like a well-intentioned public demonstration of intentions until you remember:

1. Stole Cardi's moment.

2. Would you have maintained that same jump energy instead of embarrassing The mother of her son in front of everyone, would never have needed to apologize in the first place.

3. His proposals were unwelcome, unwanted, selfish, manipulative and the textbook definition of harassment.

4. Stole Cardi's moment.

What are all the points that Twitter quickly pointed out?

And I mentioned it inopportune, right?

But leaving aside the behavior of Offset, how the hell was this allowed to happen? We are talking about the main act. There's no way that Rolling Loud is involved too, right?

Well, as our own judge Monique pointed out, that seemed to be the case:

But despite the selfish actions of Offset, it is important to remember that this fiasco involves real people with real feelings that go through a very real divorce.

What put Cardi in the awkward position of having to be the biggest person and defending him, as if he had not stolen his moment.

"Well, bad, or indifferent, I do not want people to continue doing shit," he said in a clip posted on Instagram. "Raping my baby father is not going to make me feel better."

However, in a subsequent clip that he published about an hour later, he clarified that he was not tolerating Offset's behavior. Instead, she was simply trying to protect her estranged spouse from relentless online harassment and abuse.

"I see a lot of people hit me because they see my father and they think I'm going to go back to him," he said in the video. "I just do not like that thing online hitting in. You just saw how Pete Davidson was talking about he does not even want to be on this Earth because crazy people come for him every day."

None of us has any idea how this test will be carried out, but I do he knows that if Offset really loved his wife as much as he says, he would not have tried to clean up a disaster the made in its hour.

But it is also noteworthy that Rolling Loud should be ashamed of his role in this debacle. Because they made a conscious decision to sacrifice Cardi's time, as well as his reputation, in exchange for some retweets and Google search results.

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In the victory for Trump, Beijing makes a major purchase of soy in the United States. Thu, 13 Dec 2018 17:41:26 +0000

Justin Roth holds a handful of soybeans at the Brooklyn Elevator in Brooklyn, Iowa.

A man holds a handful of soybeans at the Brooklyn Elevator in Brooklyn, Iowa. China bought 1.13 million metric tons of soybeans from the US. UU This week, an olive branch in a commercial war. | Photo of Charlie Neibergall / AP

China bought 1.13 million metric tons of soy from the US UU This week, which represents a signal that the two countries are beginning to move forward in easing trade tensions.

On Thursday, the Department of Agriculture reported the purchase, which according to historical data is the ninth largest daily sale of soybeans in the US. UU

The story continues below

The move comes less than two weeks after President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping met in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and agreed to a 90-day distension in their trade war while resolving more important issues. As part of that truce, China said it would start buying immediately US agricultural products, whose purchases had declined significantly since trade tensions between the two economies increased earlier this year.

The purchase, which amounts to some 41 million bushels, will represent only a fraction of the total soybean that is typically sold to China in a normal year.

Including the purchase, EE. UU It has sold approximately 55 million bushels to China in this marketing campaign, which began on September 1. That represents a 91 percent drop from the more than 600 million bushels sold to China at the same point last year, John said. Newton, chief economist of the American Farm Bureau Federation.

"We still have a long way to go to get anywhere near what China normally buys in a normal year," Newton said. "But this is a step in the right direction."

Some of Trump's leading advisors had pointed out that the possible purchases of agricultural products were an early indication of whether Beijing would meet the commitments it had made in Argentina. Trump himself had also said that big sales were expected, tweeting days after the meeting: "Farmers will be a VERY BIG beneficiary of our dealings with China."

"We make the finest and cleanest product in the world, and that is what China wants," he added. "Farmers, I LOVE YOU!"

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The executives begged Kathie Lee Gifford to stay in "Today" Wed, 12 Dec 2018 03:26:58 +0000

Kathie Lee Gifford wanted to leave the "Today" program a year ago, Page Six has learned.

Sources tell us that Gifford, who announced on Tuesday he will leave the NBC program after 11 years, went to executives in the fall of 2017 and said she was ready to resign.

But network experts tell us that the NBC News news channel begged him to stay another year because the alignment of the important morning program was in turmoil, and they wanted to maintain as much continuity as possible.

Executives even said goodbye to Gifford taking a lot of time to make movies and record music, so she would stay.

When Gifford initially raised his resignation with his bosses, Matt Lauer had just been expelled from the "Today" show amid accusations of sexual misconduct. Megyn Kelly's hesitation was sending shockwaves through the franchise, and at the same time, fans still felt the absence of favorite Tamron Hall.

So we are told that Gifford was offered a good deal to stay for 11 years as co-host of the beloved and crushing fourth hour of "Today" with Hoda Kotb.

On Tuesday, Gifford announced on the air that he was going to concentrate on his film career.

Meanwhile, the sources tell Page Six that Jenna Bush Hager is the favorite to take over Gifford.

We are told that Hager has become popular with viewers and the bosses of NBC News, and he is expected to assume the role of Gifford when he leaves on his 11th anniversary in April 2019.

After announcing his departure from the show on Tuesday morning, Gifford said: "I know someone wonderful will be sitting in this seat later." And, "I have my idea of ​​who could be absolutely wonderful."

Hager has been a frequent presence on the show and joined Kotb during the summer when Gifford was in Scotland filming a movie he also wrote.

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The president of the SEC in EE. UU He says that Tesla's case is & # 39; resolved & # 39; despite the CEO's tweet Tue, 27 Nov 2018 01:47:35 +0000

FILE PHOTO: Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk participates in an "informal talk" at the City Summit of the National League of Cities (NLC) 2018 in Los Angeles, California, USA. UU., November 8, 2018. REUTERS / Kyle Grillot / Stock Photo

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The president of the US Securities and Exchange Commission UU He said Monday that the agency will not re-examine its securities fraud agreement with Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) despite the tweet from CEO Elon Musk mocking the regulator.

Jay Clayton seemed to ignore the October 4 tweet describing the SEC as the "Short Enrichment Commission" when the CNBC anchors read it to him on Monday.

"He said that?" Clayton asked, declining to comment further. "As far as I'm concerned, that matter is resolved."

Tesla and Musk agreed in September to pay $ 20 million each to the SEC after he tricked investors with tweets on August 7 that said he was considering taking Tesla privately.

The agreement requires that it be more restricted on Twitter, prompting speculation that the agency could review the agreement after Musk's Oct. 4 tweet, which occurred hours after a federal judge ordered him and the SEC to justify your agreement. The shares of the electric car maker fell up to 4 percent after that tweet.

"I think it was an appropriate agreement; "One who sent a message to the market, informing CEOs that if they speak, they need to speak accurately," Clayton said.

Report of Katanga Johnson; Edited by Michelle Price and Richard Chang

Our Rules:The principles of trust of Thomson Reuters.

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