Castello de Amorosa Winery in Napa Valley costs $ 5 million in wine – but $ 30 million Castle Unsache

It pays not to put all your eggs in one basket.

Or to put a wine country spin on truism, all your barbaras in one building.

While property losses in the Glass Fire by the Palace of Napa Valley on a hill, Castello de Amorosa Winery, the Tuscan-style palace were the only ones that the famed winner Dario Sattui built in 15 years – and the $ 5 million lost wine price There was only one part of the inventory.

The president of Castello d’Amorosa, George Salzner, said he believed the flames of the glass fire erupted into a ravine on the side of Kalistoga Winery Monday morning and broke the roof tiles of the farmhouse, a subsidiary building that houses the main The palace building sits behind and the wine tasting room.

The farmhouse, which was severely damaged in the fire, had offices for management, a fermentation room and a fulfillment center where about a tenth of the winery’s wine bottles were stored.

Ironically, Salzner said, in the medieval era, items were stored that were flammable in a farmhouse separated from the main palace. Salzner said that Sattui did the same here, hoping to recreate Castello as authentically as possible – “one day it will really pay off”.

“There was no harm to Mahal per se,” said Castello Marketing VP Jim Sullivan.

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They estimate that about 120,000 bottles were lost in the fire – or about $ 5 million in wines, including some collector items, special releases and some wines made nearly two decades ago by the winery.

Luckily, Sullivan said, “We have a lot of alcohol stored offsite. And in the palace. ”

Castello d’Amorosa started receiving visitors in 2007. But Sattui’s dream was years in the making.

The fourth-generation winner, Sattui, told Mercury News reporter Michael Martinez shortly after the inauguration, “I did it partially to honor our ancestors.” “And partly, I don’t know. I really have a passion for it. ”

Sattui’s great-grandfather Vittorio in 1885 V. Introduced sattui, but was discontinued in the 1920s by prohibition laws. Dario, 10 years old from San Jose State University, rebuilt it in 1975 in St. Helena. The Castello de Amorosa architectural plan and the line of wines were conceived later.

Originally designed to cover 8,500 square feet, the palace evolved as a love of Sattui architecture and all things Italian overwhelmed its intentions, Martinez wrote.

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