Cassich to Meghan McCain: Concern over abortion ‘dwarf’ to defeat Trump

Former Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) argued on Friday that concerns among GOP voters about new abortion protections in a fictional Biden administration are “dwarf” for a president who can unify the country.

Cassich, the 2016 Republican presidential nominee who now works as a CNN analyst, made this comment during a conversation with the co-host Meghan McCainMeghan Marguite McCain Meghan McCain says she believes Trump calls the defeat of fallen soldiers. Meghan McCain hits Ivanka Trump’s defense on the president’s Twitter: It’s not ‘communication style’, it’s ‘cruelty’ Cindy McCain is Biden, unlikely to be a ‘friendly friendship’ between John McCain. More in democratic conference On ABC’s “The View”, arguing that the former Vice President Joe BidenJoe BidenHarris calls it ‘outrageous’ Trump topples coronovar. Historian predicted Trump would have known the epidemic as ‘the greatest expression of duty’ in presidential history. Defense, Trump announced the new US ambassador to Afghanistan. Pentagon officially withdraws plan to end ‘Stars and Stripes’ Biden says Trump doesn’t understand national security, Intel officials don’t trust him any more “Can pull us together” as a country.

“I was raised with a certain set of values ​​and principles, and I was called a conservative,” McCain told Kasich as they began discussing abortion. “I have only gotten more conservative as I have gotten older, and I am about nine months pregnant.”

“I hate President TrumpDONALD JOHN TRUMPWAREN: I think Trump does not share classified information after the Woodward book that Trump told the epidemic NYT reporter removed from Trump’s rally in Michigan, And I think everyone knows that, “McCain continued.” But there are some policies on the left, especially with Kamala HarrisKamala HarrisNJ Governor has designated Juneteh as a state holiday. Harris has called it ‘outrageous’. Trump has removed coronovirus Hill’s 12:30 report – submitted by Facebook – Woodward book Trump and more Right now, what to do with abortion. She co-sponsored the bill to do away with any limitations, which also ran on taxpayer financing for abortions. I was surprised at this. ”

“You are pro-life, and I know you were pro-life in politics, as I am,” he told Kasich. “It’s a big part of who I am and my platform, and I don’t think taxpayers should finance abortions for women who are as pregnant as I am right now. How would you back off against a voter like me. Possible Biden. -Like in administration like this? “

Cassich responded to McCain by saying “I agree with your position”, while the matter was Biden worthy of President Trump’s support.

“I disagree with Joe Biden in many areas. I don’t agree with him in capital gains taxes. But the issues here are dwarfed, in my opinion, by the fact that he is the one person who can pull us together.” Where is it

“So I think if he wins, that all of a sudden, all these things are going to happen that are negative. No, I don’t believe that because he doesn’t have a character. It’s not who he is.” He added.

Cassich called for Biden’s relationship with McDen’s father, the late Sen. John McCainJohn Sidney McCainbowski: How Biden Can Win the Presidential Debate Meghan McCain says she believes Trump calls fallen soldiers a hero and a loser – and a president who can’t tell the difference (R-Ariz.), With whom Biden served for several years in the Senate.

“Your father and Joe were great friends,” Cassich said. “Why? Not because they agreed on everything, but they could find common ground. So do I think we’re going to end up in some catastrophic places if [Biden] win? I do not, but I believe that four more years of this partition are ruining the soul of our country, and we continue down this path, I do not know how we return. ”

Cassich spoke at the Democratic National Convention last month to support Biden, shouting Trump.

“Joe Biden is a man for our time,” Kasich said while standing in front of the intersection not far from his Ohio home. “The Times said that we ask everyone to take off the partisan hats and put the nation first for themselves and definitely.” Our children. “