Case of maximum medical negligence: the newborn that was found alive dies during the treatment

NEW DELHI: The newborn who was found alive after being pronounced dead by Max Hospital in Delhi died Wednesday during treatment.

The baby was being treated in a hospital in Pitampura.

In a case of medical malpractice, the hospital had delivered the twins to the family after pronouncing them dead. However, on the way back home, the parents noticed that one of the twins was showing movements. When the baby was taken to a nearby hospital, the babies were found to be alive.

"After being declared dead, we were given babies in packages, when we left for the cremation field we noticed movement and upon verification we found one was breathing in. We immediately rushed to the nearby hospital," said Ashish, father of the twins .

After the incident, the Trade Union Health Minister, JP Nadda, spoke with the Secretary of Health regarding the medical malpractice of the hospital.

The government also ordered an investigation of the incident and sought a preliminary report. Dr. Girish Tyagi, Secretary of the Delhi Medical Council, said he would issue a notice to the hospital and a committee will be set up to examine the matter.

A medical malpractice case was registered under article 308 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) against the hospital.

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