Cascade Loss bids for Thwart Financial subpoena in KOSOS nightclub lawsuit

An American magistrate judge has rebuffed an attempt by Cascade that Las Vegas is to withdraw information on DJ-playing concerts in the wake of the closure of the KOS nightclub and ordered the artist to pay hotel lawyers’ fees .

Ryan Redden, Which performs as Cascade, is suing FAO Holdings for a breach of contract over its residency deal at the KAOS nightclub, a limited partnership involving the Palms Casino Resort, which closed in November six months after operation happened. KAOS was scheduled to renew Palms’ $ 690 million and host a residency by global superstar Marshmello, but the club lost about $ 50 million as of the quarterly income call on November 6, 2019 and closed permanently.

Radon was earning $ 214,000 a night playing the club and had 37 shows left on his contract when he closed, totaling $ 7.95 million – his lawyers say he owns FP Holdings. But lawyers for FP Holdings say that the DJ hopes to make up for the loss with the money from running makeup shows at competitions and clubs and festivals. When FP Holdings retained its financial records for the period it was contracted for the role of KAOS, Reddon’s attorney Alex l Fugazi The demand has been called an “overlapping and unreasonable burden” and argued that it was not relevant to prosecute the hotel.

US Magistrate Judge Nancy j koppe Disagree and ruled against Radon on Monday, arguing that DJ’s lawyer should comply with Uppen, even if he disagrees about his importance in the case.

“[A] The party is entitled to search on its doctrine of facts and law, and is not limited in discovery by the opponent’s doctrine, “written by Copee citing the legal text making clear decisions.” Cascade did not provide the expected basis or meaningful argument. To overcome such objections, the Court rejected its claim of exaggeration and undue burden. ”

What are the judges telling the lawyers of Redden, the lawyer says Michael Saville With the San Francisco firm Seville Briggs, which is not associated with the case is that “defenses are considered important when defending against a claim and what Cascade can and cannot use in its defense Is. “He says,” Here the judge is saying to Cascade, ‘You don’t have to decide what the evidence is and it’s not discoverable. It’s my life. ”

As part of his ruling, Koppe also requires that Radon pay the hotel legal fees associated with the hearing, stating that he would avoid providing information about how much money he made after KAOS closed. The effort is “not a close call.”

“Whether Cascade disputed the sound of the mitigation defense in substance, is it not justified to be properly searched,” Koppe said.

Seville, which often handles civil discovery issues, notes that FP Holdings ‘decision to pay attorneys’ fees is an indication that Coppe wants both parties to settle arguments on their own without interfering in court. They say disagreement over discovery is quite common in civil cases and the emphasis is on lawyers using leverage for their own benefit.

Koppe issued a second order on Monday, ordering Radon’s lawyer to address confidential issues surrounding the case. On April 1, 2020, Koppe signed a request to file details about Redden’s compensation that he had filed, but months later, after negotiations with FP Holdings, Cascade indicated that he no longer had any protests. Not that “such information should be avoided.” The public “and did not oppose her $ 214,000 per night fee from being made public. The magistrate judge says she wants an explanation for her change of heart and ruled that her lawyer has until September 25 to explain” to the court Why should the unforeseen version of the complaint filed last year not go unheard “. It is unclear what new information will be made available by such a move, if any.