Carole Beskin’s Tiger Dance Dancing with the Stars

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What is better than tiger print? Hot Pink Tiger Print.

Tiger kingCarole Beskin took her love for big cats very seriously, which she demonstrated on Monday dancing with the Stars First entry.

Season 29 DWTS It premiered on September 14, with Tyra Banks as the new host, and joined the dance with some professionals, including stars Caroline Bristowe, Sky Jackson and Jessie Metcalf along with Carole Beskin.

Although no one has questioned Carol’s apparent love of tigers, I am personally impressed that she managed to incorporate a tiger theme into her costumes, music, and even dance moves. The judges say, however, that it was felt that it was a bit too much.

He and partner Pasha Pashkov danced to “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor and matched Hot Pink, Tiger print costumes.

Pashkov steps out of a giant cage and starts dancing, and it certainly doesn’t get any less tiger-y than there.

The choreography featured several flashes of the tiger’s claws, a unique choice for her dance.

Judge Bruno Toniolo certainly paid attention to his excessive tiger subjects, saying, “You used those claws all the time. I thought you were going to dislocate your shoulder.”

dancing with the Stars The premiere episode also featured a commercial about Carroll’s missing husband, Don Lewis. Don’s family appeared in the advertisement and specifically asked if anyone knew if Carroll was involved in her disappearance.

Unfortunately, Carroll’s tiger dance debut could also be one of their final performances, as the pair received the group’s lowest score with a total of 11 points. Fortunately, no cuts were made this week, but his score would change to an elimination round the following week.

I am really looking forward to seeing how they incorporate tiger motifs in their next costumes, music and choreography.

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