NEW ORLEANS – The Carnival Triumph will return to the port of New Orleans after a woman falls overboard of the Mexican coast this weekend.

Family members identified the woman as Juwanna Brooks, 44, of Lafayette. Brooks' mother, Marilyn Winfrey, told KLFY that her daughter was on the cruise with her husband before falling overboard.

Winfrey said the trip was a Christmas gift and her daughter sent her a video before the ship left the waters of the United States on Saturday.

On Monday, the cruise line said a 44-year-old woman "was seen overboard." The triumph of Carnival in the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday.

People aboard the ship said the Triumph went around the area where the woman fell into the water while the search lights registered the waters. The cruise was on its second day and was traveling to Cozumel.

The spokesman said that the search and rescue operations are underway for the missing woman and that the Mexican Navy is in charge of the search

"I just want to believe that they will find something, I just want to be able to put it to rest "said Winfrey.

Locally, the FBI is investigating the case. The agents are trying to determine how and why Brooks went overboard. The Triumph will be established in the port of New Orleans on Thursday morning. When it arrives, FBI agents will board the ship and begin their work with safety on board the Carnival Cruise Line.

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