Cardinals’ Jordan Hicks casts the MLB’s fastest pitch of the year, scoring 105 mph twice

The Cardinals stifled the Phillies on Sunday (STL 5, PHI 1), thanks mainly to the 13 strikeouts of rookie Jack Flaherty in 7 1/3 innings. However, a rookie rookie different from Cardinal stole part of Flaherty's bandwidth thanks to his ninth inning with Odubel Herrera. We're talking about Jordan Hicks, 21, who has replaced Aroldis Chapman as the toughest pitcher in today's game.

However, on Sunday against Herrera, Hicks leveled even by his own standards:

Yes, the young Mr. Hicks is now a partner not only of Aroldis Chapman, but also maximum Aroldis Chapman , who registered 105 in 2008. These two are the only members of the 105-mph club. Now for moving images:

No, the command was not quite there, but sometimes the forces of nature are not orderly or perfect. Now take a look at the offer of 105 miles per hour that escaped receiver Francisco Peña:

You can not help but notice the violent arms race. It's there because Hicks throws platinas instead of four-seam lines. Yes, touch 105 with a plumb . That unique pairing of movement and speed produces the following profile:

  • Hicks is the most difficult pitcher in today's game.
  • Hicks in 22 innings this season has struck out just 9.5 percent of rival hitters, against an average league mark of 22.5 percent.
  • Hicks has a high base percentage of 60.6.

Everything joins a pitcher who does not look like anyone, maybe never:

A type of direct contact that touches 105. Enjoy.

– Dayn Perry (@daynperry) May 20, 2018

Please enjoy, in fact.

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