Cardinal Tagle test positive for Kovid-19 in the Philippines

The impact of the Vatican Congregation for the development of the people tested positive on his arrival in the Philippine capital on Thursday. Earlier, he maligned those who benefited from the epidemic.

By Vatican News

The Holy See Press Office confirmed on Friday that Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle tested positive with the Kovid-19 after a swab test.

“Cardinal Tagle actually tested positive for Kovid-19 with a pharyngeal swab made yesterday upon his arrival in Manila,” Matteo Bruni, director of the Holy See press office, said in a brief statement.

Thus the Philippine Cardinal who is the prefect of the development of Peepli as well as the Vatican Congregation for the President of Caratis Internationalis, the union of Catholic charities around the world, becomes the first head of the Vatican Diacastory with Kovid-19.

Responding to reporters, Bruni said the cardinal had no symptoms and would remain under compulsory self-quarantine in the Philippines, where he is located. “Meanwhile,” he said, “necessary investigations are being conducted among those who have come in contact with their Emin in recent times.”

He said that Cardinal Tagle had a swab test in Rome on 7 September, which turned out to be negative.

Cardinal refers to profiteering from epidemic

Earlier this week, the 63-year-old cardinal led an online commemoration on Kovid-19 in the Philippines, during which he criticized those who took advantage of the epidemic to make money.

He was participating in “Caching Pahringa (a little rest)” on Tuesday, an initiative organized by the Caritas Philippines and Delilah Foundation.

“As many people are suffering and getting poorer,” he said, “there are some occupations and perhaps there are individuals who are taking advantage of the situation…. And they know that grief for their own benefit and that of others. How to capitalize on the needs. “

Cardinal Tagle hoped that through faith in Jesus, the pestilence would give people a “lifestyle of compassion and solidarity”. The head of Caritas International said the global health crisis had increased Caritas’ demand for aid by more than a hundred percent.

“Nobody should be left alone. This is expected by many, ”said Cardinal Tagle.