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Cardi B spent $ 400,000 on Kulture's daughter's birthday party, see photos

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  • Cardi B and Offset organized a birthday party for their daughter Kulture last night.
  • The party cost them $ 400,000!

    What did you do for your first birthday? Maybe there was a cake? Some streamers? Well, get ready to feel very inferior, because the daughter of Cardi B and Offset, Kulture, just turned one, and her parents decided to throw a fury on her first birthday, which reportedly cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. It's all very normal !!!

    According to TMZ, Cardi spent $ 400,000 for Kulture's "Onederful Birthday". The party seems to have been partly child friendly, with colorful treats and a Build-A-Bear workshop, and another part for adults, with guests dancing and having a lot of fun.

    Cardi shared some photos of the event, including this photo of the birthday girl who looks adorable in her party dress:


    The incredibly intricate birthday cake and the candy table:


    And the roof, which was covered in balloons:


    Offset also shared this image of some cookies, made to look like Kulture's face:


    And a video of Kulture, she took off her party dress, sat on the dessert table and played with her birthday cake, also known as every little boy's dream:


    Cardi and Offset also shared photos of the most ~ adult side of the party, with Cardi posting the general atmosphere of the club:


    And offset Instagramming a video of someone unwrapping piles and stacks of dollar bills, so do what you'll do:


    Cardi debriefed Instagram after the party, shared a video thanking his guests and wrote: "Thank you very much to everyone who came, I know that my daughter will not remember this day, but when she is older and has her children, this will be a good history". to lols. I will be daydreaming this day for a long time ❤️❤️❤️❤️ "

    Happy birthday to Kulture and apologies to my future children for not having launched the first birthday party so illuminated as this!

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