Cardi B says the New York blackout did not stop Kulture's birthday party, it was on


No lights, no air conditioning, no music … no problem. Cardi B says that Kulture's first birthday was a liturgy, even in the dark.

Cardi B and Offset celebrated Baby Kulture's first birthday with a big party in New York City on Saturday night, but the festivities were interrupted by a major power outage that left sections of the city in the dark for hours , according to CNN. But the rapper "I like it" said that darkness did not stop the guests at the party. But the party must continue. After all, the Bronx rapper and her husband, Offset, lost $ 400,000 at the birthday party.

"Thank you very much everyone for coming to Kulture's birthday party because you were the ones who lit it," Cardi said in an Instagram post on Sunday morning. The party was so enlightened, he said, that he lost a nail. "Let me tell you something, everyone lit it because the fact that when I got there, the lights went out at the party, it was like a whole hour without lights, without music, but it was still on.

Cardi, with her husband Offset lying on her lap, said they proceeded to obtain a backup generator that could return the music and some lights. "It went on again, but without air conditioning, so we were literally melting. But people kept dancing, having fun. "

The lights came back on, he explained, but they went out just before cutting the birthday cake. Once the lights came on, Cardi said no one wanted to leave the party.

"It's the cause of all of you, it was such a fun party, thank you very much."
In her title, Cardi explained that she wanted to have the party in New York instead of New Jersey, where she resides.

"The fact that I wanted my daughter to party on 42nd Street instead of Jersey and for my bading luck, New York had a power cut in that area of ​​Deum! B ** CH THE DEVIL! But a negative situation becomes a LITUATION! My God, I had a lot of fun and my daughter too. Thank you, many people who came, I know that my daughter will not remember this day, but when she is older and has her children, this will be a good story to tell laughter. I will daydream this day to
Okay, I'm exhausted, nobody hit me until 2 pm. "

The energy was completely restored to the entire city of New York early Sunday, after leaving thousands of people trapped in the subway, elevators and navigating the streets without traffic lights, according to CNN.

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