Cardi B has some advice for Trump supporters during the government shutdown

Cardi B has returned to social networks to share his thoughts on the partial closure of the government and his frustration with President Donald Trump.

Rapper "Like" shared an Instagram post on Saturday with a suggestion for those standing next to the president when the close approaches the one-month mark.

"All Trump supporters should work for free while the government is closed to show their support," he wrote.

The hip-hop star posted the message shortly after Trump delivered a speech on Saturday with a proposal to end the closing. The partial closure was triggered by Trump's call for Congress to reserve $ 5.7 billion for a wall at the US border. UU And Mexico.

Although survey data suggest that opinions about who is to blame are divided into partisan lines, polls reveal that most Americans blame Trump for most of the closure.

Cardi B made headlines earlier this week after it published a pbadionate video about the closure, which began on December 22, and its impact on the hundreds of thousands of federal workers who have left without pay.

Later, Democratic senators debuted publicly on Twitter whether or not they retweeted the video of the Bronx native.

"Are you going to do RT Cardi B or not?" Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) Wrote on Wednesday.

Guys, I'm still holding my breath. Are you going to RT Cardi B or not?

– Chuck Schumer (@SenSchumer) January 17, 2019

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