Cardi B defends 2-year-old culture not to listen to ‘WAP’ –

Cardi B defends 2-year-old culture not to listen to ‘WAP’

Cardi B is showing her Wap: Wholesome A Parenting.

The pot closes with all of Macaroni Cardi’s 2-year-old daughter, Kulture, in the stirring. The Bronx-bred rapper proved to be when he finished a lip-sync performance of his naughty-girl bop “WAP” on Instagram Live as soon as the baby came into his room.

“no no no no!” Cardi, 28, shouted before turning down the spicy single and sipping wine.

Keyboard critics immediately followed the hip-hop heavyweight, subjecting him to other children for high-acclaimed, albeit highly-erotic hits to shake the little culture off his tongue-in-cheek lyrics.

“So yes the daughter can’t hear it but everyone else’s daughter can?” A Twitter user said on Monday.

Cardi responded, “Yes need to stop with this already! I’m not Jojo, I don’t make music for kids, I make music for adults,” referring to the 17-year-old singer and “Dance Moms” star . “Parents are responsible for what their children listen too [sic] Or can see. I am a very sexual person but not around my child like every other parent should be. “

Calling her haters for her apparent lack of “common sense”, the former stripper continued: “There are moms who are strippers. Pop p – – – y, rotates all night long for fun.” They do it around their children? No! Stop this debate. This is very common knowledge. ”

And while the rap queen was not advising parenting with her Instagram video on Monday, last week she made some much-needed suggestions about her planned New Year hangover.

“What do you guys recommend for a hangover?”, 28, Posted on 30 December A pair of laughing and crying emojis with its 16 million Twitter followers. “I’m trying to look double on New Year’s Eve, but I want to be good”

That should be fixed right away Cracked up Twitter topics trend? Pedialte, A. nutritional supplement Often chewed by children.

“The fact that @iamcardib has pedialte trending is right on the brand for 2020 LOL,” A happy fan quipped Grammy winner Mama.


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