Captain America’s supervillain, the Red Skull, has been acting a lot like Jordan Peterson lately, thanks to Ta-Nehisi Coates.

Jordan Peterson is a Canadian psychology professor who was accepted by the right-wingers in 2016 after refusing to comply with his students’ requests to use their preferred pronouns, then used his YouTube channel and fear of political correctness to build a career. as self-help. guru to the alt-right. It also appears to be the basis for the current incarnation of Marvel’s Nazi supervillain Red Skull, who has returned to his comic book universe courtesy of Between the world and me the writer Ta-Nehisi Coates. Coates is currently finishing a two-and-a-half-year career in Captain America, and in Captain America # 28, which was released on March 31, Red Skull has a YouTube channel that seemed very familiar to Peterson, except for the red skull part:

A guide to the jokes here: Peterson is the author of 12 rules for life: an antidote to chaos and Beyond order: 12 more rules for life, and believes that “the male spirit is under attack”, but if he has praised the genius of the Austrian politician of the early twentieth century and notorious anti-Semite Karl Lueger, he does not appear to have done so publicly. (That’s probably a joke about Peterson’s interest in Carl Jung.) Peterson was also unhappy with a series of panels in which Captain America explains to a police officer how the Red Skull recruits lost young people to his cause:

So why is Red Skull doing a Jordan Peterson act to begin with? It’s complicated! Has been popping up in Captain America comic books from 1941, so his full backstory is beyond the scope of this article, but he is a Nazi, and in most versions of the character, his trademark red skull is a mask. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Hugo Weaving portrayed him as a man whose face had been disfigured by Super Soldier Serum:

In recent comics, the Red Skull is dead, he has died several times, at this point, but before his most recent death, he managed to transfer some of his consciousness to the body of Aleksander Lukin, a former Soviet general who is also out to get to Captain America. Unfortunately for his plans, Lukin also died shortly after, but his wife Alexa brought him back to life with the help of Rasputin, yes, that Rasputin, and Red Skull is accompanying him, in a kind of Mr. Hyde and Mr. Hyde. situation. In Coates’ Captain America In books, Cap’s enemies are recruiting disgruntled white American men, as are certain political movements we might name, and the Red Skull YouTube channel is part of that effort. Unbeknownst to Red Skull fans, he’s using them as cannon fodder in an effort to ruin Captain America’s reputation, at one point he detonated a bomb designed by Agatha Harkness – yes, the witch who appeared in WandaVision“In the middle of one of your protests.” Coates has two problems left to solve the story, and Marvel promises “an epic fight to the finish with the Red Skull,” so expect the Marvel Universe’s answer to Jordan Peterson to be back in prison or suspended animation or temporarily dead very , soon. Meanwhile, Jordan Peterson of our universe has decided to lean on:

At this time, it is unclear whether Jordan Peterson is sharing his skull with a resurrected member of the Nazi High Command, or storing Agatha Harkness-designed witchcraft bombs, or relentlessly pursuing revenge against Captain America. But it’s undeniable that he and Red Skull have similar YouTube channels, so it’s probably best not to take chances.

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