Capitol Riot: The Army Now Admits Michael Flynn’s Brother Was a Part of Senna’s Response

City and Capitol police officials have alleged that the decision-making process has come under scrutiny, while the Pentagon was slow to respond, while the Pentagon and military say they never denied or delayed National Guard requests Did not.

In the official deadline issued by the Department of Defense in the wake of the riots, Charles Flynn, the army’s deputy chief, was not listed as taking part in any calls that day, mobilizing the National Guard to react to the riot. .

The Washington Post first reported Flynn’s involvement in the call.

“I entered the room after the call began and departed before the call was over, as I believed was imminent with a decision (then Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy) and to assist me in executing the decision.” Was required to remain in his office, “Flirn said in a statement released to CNN. There was no clear answer as to how long Flynn was on the call or whether he contributed to the conversation.

The Washington Post reports that the military had unfairly denied “Lieutenant General Charles A. Flynn” for days that were involved in key meetings. One of the officers who was on call told CNN in the days following the uprising in the Capitol that Flynn was not on call, but the military did not confirm his involvement until Wednesday.

There is no indication that Charles Flynn agrees with his brother, who was a vocal proponent of the former president’s victory over disputed President Joe Biden.

Michael Flynn, who was waived by Trump, suggested at the Oval Office meeting that the president should implement martial law as part of an effort to avoid the election, although others in the room pushed back on the idea, CNN Told earlier. At a rally the day before the riot, Michael Flynn urged the crowd to dispute the election results.

“Those of you who are feeling weak tonight, those of you who don’t have moral fiber in your body, get something tonight because tomorrow, we are going to be here, and we want you to know. Let go that we will not stand up for lies, ”he said.

The official timeline from the office of then-acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller called McCarthy, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser, deputy mayor of the city, Christopher Rodriguez, director of the DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency, and the leadership of the Metropolitan Department Department as participants on the call. Listed. Director of Army Staff General Walter Piatt was also on the phone.

But there was no mention of the involvement of three-star General Charles Flynn, who has already been approved by Congress for the fourth star. Flynn is responsible for operations, planning, and training, but is not part of the DC National Guard’s chain of command, and does not have the authority to deploy troops.

The Department of Defense is already trying to refute allegations as to the revelation that it denied or delayed the deployment of additional troops as the riot on Capitol Hill worsened, eventually leaving five dead, including a Capitol police officer Given. A DC officer called the process of “prolonging” and “torturing” more guards.

12 Army National Guard members removed from inaugural duty

Pentagon officials have repeatedly denied the allegations, insisting that there was no deliberate delay, although on Monday McCarthy told CNN that the response was hampered by an “archaic system”.

In the days leading up to January 6, Pentagon officials were sensitive to the deployment of troops on DC’s streets, particularly after criticism they faced following the military’s response to the June protests. Nevertheless, the Pentagon deployed 340 members of the DC National Guard, asking both the city and the Capitol Police whether they needed more troops. Both said no. But as the situation deteriorated rapidly on 6 January, Capitol Police Chief Stephen Sundar and DC officials say military leaders were removed and concerned about the public perception of more troops being deployed once again on the streets Were.
The open involvement of Charles Flynn, only a day after his brother Michael Flynn, favored arrogant stolen elections and violent fantasies over Trump, would have only increased the investigation. The elder Flynn was permanently banned from Twitter for promoting QAnon and spreading lies and conspiracy theories about the presidential election. Michael Flynn, who briefly served as Trump’s first national security adviser, was found guilty of lying to the FBI about his conversations with Russian diplomats before Trump waived him in November.


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