Capitol mob targets elected officials to ‘assassinate’

Phoenix (AP) – Hurricane pro crowd in US Capitol Last week “the target was to capture and assassinate elected officials” federal prosecutors said in court documents.

In a motion prosecution filed late on Thursday, the comment was lodged against Jacob Chancely, an Arizona man who took part in a furry hat with face paint, no shirt and horns.

Prosecutors say that after Chancelle’s ascent to the day where Vice President Mike Pence was already presiding for a few moments, Chansley wrote Pence a threatening note stating: “It’s only a matter of time, justice is coming.”

Pence and other congressmen were forced out of the Chamber by the Secret Service and the US Capitol Police before entering the rioters’ room.

Prosecutors, in their memorandum urging the judges to be put behind bars, wrote, “Strong evidence in the Capitol, including Chancelle’s own words and actions in the Capitol, supports the intent of the Capitol rioters and the assassination of elected officials in the United States Government Had to do.”

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Chancelley’s lawyer Gerald Williams did not return a phone call and email Friday morning. A detention hearing in his case is scheduled for later Friday.

The FBI is investigating whether any of the rioters conspired to kidnap members of Congress and take them hostage, specifically focusing on men carrying plastic zip tie handcuffs and pepper spray.

The prosecution on Friday raised a similar possibility in the case of a former Air Force officer who allegedly had plastic zip-tie handcuffs because he “intended to take the hostages.” But so far, the Justice Department has not publicly released any specific evidence on the plots or reported how the rioters planned to take them out.

Chansley, who calls himself “QAnon Shaman” and has long been a fixture at Trump’s rallies, surrendered at the FBI field office in Phoenix on Saturday.

News photos show him rioting shirtless, with his face painted and wearing a fur hat with horns, an American flag attached to a wooden pillar.

QAnon is an apocalypse and complex conspiracy theory Spreaded extensively through the Internet and promoted by some right-wing extremists.

Chassley told investigators that he came to the Capitol at the president’s request that on January 6, 2021, all ‘patriots’ come to DC. He was expelled by an indictment in Washington on Tuesday with civil disorder, obstruction of official proceedings, conduct in a disorderly barred building and demonstrations in the Capitol building.

More than 80 people are facing charges stemming from the violence, including more than 40 people in federal court. The federal charges brought so far have primarily been for offenses such as unlawful entry, but prosecutors have said they are making more serious charges against at least some rioters.

Michael Sherwin, acting as U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, said this week that he has organized a group of national security and public corruption prosecutors, whose sole focus is treason for the “most heinous acts” occurring in the Capitol. Have to bring charges of.

During a hearing in Texas on Thursday, a prosecutor urged a judge to close Colonel Larry Rendall Brock Jr., stating that the man meant to “take hostages.” Brock was arrested on Sunday during a deadly riot on the Senate floor in Texas wearing a plastic zip-tie handcuff wearing a helmet and a heavy vest.

Assistant US Attorney Jay Weimer, giving turn-by-turn information, said, “They probably mean abducting, stopping, trying to get members of the US government.”

Brock’s attorney, Brooke Antonio II, said the man has only been charged with rape. Antonio said that there was no direct evidence of Brock’s doors or windows being broken to enter the Capitol, or doing anything violent while he was inside.


Riechers reported from Boston. Associated Press reporter Jake Bleiber from Fort Worth, Texas contributed to this report.


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