Capital riot Peter Peter accused of beating DC coop with American flagpole

The video was captured by an Arkansas man beating Washington, DC, police with an American flag during the capital riots.

Peter Francis Stagger has been charged with beating a metropolitan police officer for obstructing a law enforcement officer who was guarding the entrance to the US Capitol.

Prosecutors have alleged in a criminal complaint that MAGA members who raided the building last Wednesday grabbed the officer, dragged him down a flight of stairs, and forcibly and repeatedly beat him to “prone position”. Forced into. Head and body with “various objects”.

Video footage shows Stagger with a large group on the stairs of the Capitol Building and holding a flagpole. Another video showed Stagger hitting the officer while he “tended to step.” The FBI said they learned the identity of Stagger from a confidential informant who viewed the videos on social media.

“Everybody is a traitor. Death is the only remedy for what is in that building, ”another video can be said, According to the criminal complaint.

Another informant confirmed Stagger’s involvement, stating that he had spoken with Stagger after 6 January. Stagger said it was in the video.


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