Capital Police Officer on Life Support after Pro-Trump Riot

A Capitol police officer who was hurt during a Trump supporter riot in the US Capitol had life support on Thursday night with a brain injury, his family said.

CNN and a local TV station had reported that the officer died, but Capitol Police later said it was incorrect.

And the officer’s family told The Daily Beast that the last time they heard that he was on a ventilator was a blood clot on his brain and “it didn’t look good.”

If he does not survive, he will be the fifth fatalist tied to the rebellion. A woman tried to enter the chamber of the house by police, and three others died from a “medical emergency”.

The officer is a former Air National Guardsman who worked in Operation Desert Shield and Operation Enduring Freedom before joining the police force, a relative said. The family was running a hospital from New Jersey.

The Daily Beast is not releasing the officer’s name, and the Capitol Police have not identified him.

Authorities identified four individuals who died, including an Alabama sales representative who tweeted the COVID-19 treated hoax and a Georgia woman who was allegedly crushed into the crowd.

Benjamin Phillips, 50, from Pennsylvania; Kevin Grierson, 55, from Alabama; And 34-year-old Rosney Boyland of Georgia died Wednesday after having a “medical emergency” while “on a Capitol basis,” said Metropolitan Police Department Chief Robert Conte.

35-year-old Ashlee Babbitt was shot by a plain man after climbing through a broken window and trying to enter the chamber of the house. More than 50 Capitol and DC police were injured during the riot as Congress confirmed Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory, which included several hospitals. All four deaths are under investigation.


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