Capcom shares resident evil village next-genetic features

Via the game’s PS5 website

It’s not very often that I have to write about it truth Exclusion of the next generation, but it completely dropped my mind Resident evil village Slated for PC, PS5 and Series X / S only. How much Resident evil 7 Pushed the formula to see what I’m really looking forward to 8 Can bring to the table; But before then, Capcom is starting to share some of those shiny next-gen features with us.

For the game officially detailed on the official PlayStation site, village Will take advantage of next generation SSDs for “almost no load time”. It will use an adaptive trigger for dualism, “to simulate the feeling of a real gun firing”, as well as a hasty response. Although 3D audio is for some time, it will be supported village Also (this is one of Sony’s big selling points, especially with the new headset). Visually, village It is re-confirmed to support 4K settings as well as ray tracing.

As a true next-gen game (seven more days and it will be the current-gen!), These are the types of things you’re going to pursue. Actual SSD support and 4K are basically standards outside of cross-generational games that might not fully support it.

Resident evil village [PlayStation]


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