Cantonese girl accused of stabbing grandmother with kitchen knife faces murder charges

CANTON – A 14-year-old Cantonese girl accused of stabbing and killing her 65-year-old grandmother faces murder charges.

The murder occurred around 7:15 a.m. in the 4150 block of Kimberly Drive in Canton on February 21, although police found the victim’s body on February 22.

Police say the grandmother, Cynthia Mosby of Canton, had custody of the teenager.

The charges against the teenager were announced by the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office on Saturday. She is charged with murder in the first degree and murder in the second degree.

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According to the prosecutor’s office, the teenager is not being charged as an adult. However, she has been designated as an adult.

“This means that upon conviction, the appointment of an adult allows the judge to have the option to convict the defendant as a minor or as an adult, or to form a minor mixed with the option to impose an adult sentence if the minor he is not rehabilitated, ”the Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement on Saturday announcing the charges.


Wayne County District Attorney Kym Worthy added: “Ms. Mosby’s fatal stabbing is very sad and disturbing. Mrs. Mosby was a nurse raising her granddaughter. Our prayers are with your son and his family. In this case, the 14-year-old girl is being designated as an adult because, by being found guilty, she gives the judge the greatest flexibility during sentencing to provide options for the rehabilitation of this troubled young man. “

Police say Mosby’s body was found by his son, the suspect’s father. When he found Mosby at the Canton house, his daughter was missing.

The agents were directed to a bedroom of the house where the body of the victim was face down on the floor with several stab wounds.

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The prosecutor’s office stated that the teenager allegedly planned the crime, although no additional details were provided.

On February 21, the teenager allegedly killed her grandmother by stabbing her multiple times with a kitchen knife.

After the murder, he checked into a Southgate motel. On February 22, Canton investigators found the teenager at the hotel and arrested her.

“We extend our condolences to the family of Cynthia Mosby. Our police officers and detectives have worked tirelessly to identify the tragic circumstances of his death. The analysis and impeachment decisions of Wayne County Attorney Kym Worthy were invaluable after this challenging set of events, “said Canton Police Services Director Chad Baugh.

The teen is being represented by local criminal justice attorney Jeffrey Schwartz and is currently being held inside the Wayne County Juvenile Detention Center.

She has been referred for proficiency and criminal liability evaluations. The next court date is April 15.


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