Canon’s PowerShot zoom is like a pocket telescope that takes pictures

Canon has announced PowerShot Zoom, an unusual camera that is more like a digital unicellular than a point and shoot. The company has been showing this idea for some time and recently implemented it in Japan; Now it is coming to America.

The PowerShot zoom is a small device with an electronic viewfinder, 1/3-inch 12-megapixel sensor, and two switchable equal focal lengths of 100 mm and 400 mm with digital zoom up to 800 mm. The lens is f / 5.6-6.3, so it is probably not well suited for low light use. Image quality in general is not really the focus.

Canon says the product is designed for people who enjoy outdoor activities such as birdwatching and hiking, however, and it can be a useful accessory for spectators at sporting events such as the Olympic Games – if they really Let’s move forward. The camera charges over USB-C and saves images and videos to a microSD card, plus you can transfer images over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to the smartphone.

The PowerShot Zoom will go on sale in the US next month for $ 299.99.

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