Canon kills the movie because apparently it’s digital

Black and white photos are outdated, right?
Image: Canon

Most children today do not even know what a movie camera is, so to keep up with the circumstances, Canon is finally finalizing sales of its single SLR camera 35 mm: the Canon EOS-1V.

Originally released in the year 2000, the EOS-1V actually had some impressive specifications for its time thanks to its ability to shoot up to 10 frames per second, which almost two decades ago, turned it into the film camera of faster rear view mirror. And despite leaving production in 2010, Canon had been selling shares of the EOS-1V for the past eight years to this day, when Canon announced that the EOS-1V would no longer be available for purchase.

However, if you are one of the few who still cling to the era of movies, do not be afraid, because while you may not be able to buy a new EOS-1V, Canon says it will continue to provide parts and repairs until October 31, 2025. How is that customer service?

Currently, second-hand EOS-1V prices on eBay and other resellers range between $ 300 and $ 750 depending on the condition of the camera, although that number will surely rise now that the supply has officially dried up.

And if you're still really looking forward to a brand new 35mm SLR, you could always turn to the dark side and take a look at the Nikon stable, which still has two movie cameras at $ 570 Nikon FM10 and $ 2,700 Nikon F6 . However, you should be aware of the updates, since both are currently listed as "temporarily out of inventory". Maybe we talk too soon.


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