Cannot use gadget, “create chaos”

DGCA sent notice to IndiGO on Kangana Ranaut’s flight chaos (file)

new Delhi: On Sunday, the aviation regulator DGCA “clarified” that passengers can take pictures and videos inside flights but cannot use any recording equipment that creates chaos, disrupts flight operations, violates safety norms Is or is banned by crew members.

On Saturday, the regulator said that a scheduled flight would be suspended for a period of two weeks if anyone was found to be taking photographs inside the aircraft.

Two days ago, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation asked IndiGo to take “appropriate action” after intermediaries in the airline’s Chandigarh-Mumbai flight were found to have alleged violations of safety and social-security protocols in which actor Kangana as a passenger Ranaut was there.

On September 9, according to a video of the incident inside the flight, sitting in the front rows of the aircraft, Ms. Ranaaut was filled with grief and sighs to reporters and cameraman to receive a comment.

The DGCA order on Sunday clarified that “a passenger traveling in an aircraft engaged in scheduled air transport services can still do so and do photography from inside such aircraft during the flight; on 9 December According to your circular “take off and take off. 2004.

The order noted, “However, this permission does not use any recording equipment that impedes or compromises air safety. Violates prevailing norms. Creating chaos or disruption during flight operations Does or is prohibited by the crew. ”

The order states that action can be initiated against persons who violate the above guidelines.

The Sunday order has an explanation at the top of the Saturday order, stating, “It has been decided that from now on, any violation (photography) occurs on any scheduled passenger aircraft – flight for that particular route “The schedule will be suspended. A period of two weeks from the next day (of the event).”

Saturday’s order stated that according to Rule 13 of the Aircraft Rules 1937, no person is allowed to take any photographs inside the flight except as permitted by the DGCA or the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

According to DGCA regulations, an airline may place an “unregistered passenger” on its “no-fly list” for a specified period of time after an internal investigation.

Regarding the Chandigarh-Mumbai flight incident, a DGCA official said on Friday that the major issues with the incident were “photography on board in violation of Aircraft Rules 13, violation of COVID-19 protocol and some action under scope Were coming. Uncontrolled behavior on board “.

The Shiv Sena, which heads a coalition government in the state, and Ms. Ranaut were engaged in a battle of words after comparing Mumbai to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), and said that she was accused more of the Mumbai police than the alleged film mafia. Was afraid

On the morning of 9 September, a team from the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) allegedly demolished the changes made without the approval of the civic body at MS Ranaut’s bungalow at Pali Hill in Mumbai.

Ms. Ranaut arrived in Mumbai the same day after the demolition via the said Indigo flight.

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