Cancer March horoscope 2021: in your little world

The beginning of March is the perfect time for some behind-the-scenes action, Cancer! When Mars enters your 12th subconscious house on March 3, think of it as an excuse to withdraw from “reality” and enter your own private dream world. In this dream world, you can meditate on your spiritual concerns while focusing on healing and forgiveness. Take your time, because your Cancer March 2021 horoscope is slowly developing!

As the new moon sends magic to your ninth house of wisdom and expansion on March 13, you will feel the thrill of another adventure calling you by name! This new moon will encourage you to step back and look at the bigger picture, as well as seize opportunities that might normally pass you by. Venus also joins forces with Neptune on March 13, spicing up things in your love life. If you’re in a relationship, break out of your typical routine together, and if you’re single, try mixing things up in the dating scene! When Mercury enters your philosophical ninth house on March 15, it will give you a more courageous and idealistic mindset, helping you to see the beauty in everything.

When the Aries season begins on March 20, it’s time to start. This is when the sun will activate your ambitious 10th house, drawing on your desire for professional success and recognition for all your hard work. Be honest about your goals and let the cosmos help you achieve them! When Venus activates her powerful 10th house on March 21, you may find that career success comes more easily to you. Not only are you attracting accolades, but you are also discovering ways to enjoy your career even more than you already do.

However, as the month draws to a close, give your spirit a chance to rest and heal. On March 21, Mars will form a trine with Saturn, pushing you toward liberation and rejuvenation. You will begin to understand all the sacrifices you have made and how they have helped you transform. But when Mercury faces Mars on March 23, you may be overwhelmed with excitement and confusion. Remember to get away from it all when you need it! When the full moon focuses on your protective house on March 28, it will reveal your most intimate needs and how to nurture them. Put on your spiritual self!

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