Canadian steals BMW M4 from dealer with sales rep hung from hood for life

A sales representative in London, Ontario recently had the worst sales experience of his life. Moe Alkaissy is lucky to be alive and in relatively good condition after being pushed onto the hood of a stolen car and driven onto a major city street.

The ordeal began when 23-year-old Alkaissy showed a flawless young man a BMW M4. The man asked the sales representative to start the engine so he could hear him. He then asked to take a call in the vehicle for privacy.

Speaking to CBC, Mustafa Alkaissy, owner of the Sport Motor dealership, said his brother Moe assumed the thief “had to consult his parents or something. It’s a great buy. “

In a Facebook post from the dealership, they also said that the key was not in the car.

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Once in the car, the suspect left and ran into Alkaissy, who said he was just waiting for his life. The thief drove onto one of London’s busiest streets, driving into oncoming traffic and even running a red light in an apparent attempt to shake up the car’s sales rep.

He then turned, shortly after which Alkaissy fell out of the car. This is wickedly fortunate, because Highbury Avenue, the street the sales rep fell on, continues onto 401, Canada’s busiest highway.

“Looking at it, I think, ‘This could have gone wrong in so many different ways, in a million different ways,” Moe Alkaissy told CBC. “I can remember everything that happened, and I know that at the time it was a fight or a flight. He would cling to the car or he would fall and he would probably die. “

The car has yet to be recovered, although police and BMW have been notified. According to Sport Motor’s Facebook post, the car’s GPS showed that its last location was just north of Toronto, about two hours east of London.

As for Moe Alkaissy, he apparently has trouble walking as a result of a knee injury and a rash on his feet, but thankfully, he suffered no life-threatening injuries.

“We are speechless,” said his brother. “For this to happen in broad daylight on the streets of our city, why do these guys think it’s okay to do this at noon? They have no respect for anything or anyone?

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