Canadian journalist calls body shaming stranger who sends an email criticizing her cleavage

A Canadian news anchor spoke after shaming a viewer’s body over her wardrobe choices.

Corey Sideway, who works for CHEK News of British Columbia, posted a picture on his Twitter of the important message.

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“This screenshot was sent to me and my colleagues in an attempt to shame my body and police. Well, I am withdrawing my power, ”Sidwe wrote in a tweet. “For the soft computer warrior (s) who try to reduce women to an organization or an organ – this generation of women does not stand up to harassment.”

In the tweet, there are two photos: Sidwe’s from the newscast, as well as an image of the torso of a woman wearing a beautiful neck – much darker than what Sidway wore in the air.

In the screenshot, the subject line in the email was “Breaking News”.

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The email went on to criticize Sidway, stating, “Too much cracks can break your news. Won’t let this happen to you. Episode: Sunday Septem 4–7 pm, ”referring to the time when the channel was on the sideways.

“Attached are 2 photos. What do you think we see and what do we actually see,” resembles the deep V-neck shirt seen in the second photo, claiming the photo of Sidaway doing his newscast. .

“Dress appropriately, it was hard work to get there. Thank you[,] Vancouver Island Rift Patrol. ”

They did not appreciate any trolling over Sidaway and voiced their support for the journalist on Twitter.

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Sidaway posted an update on her tweet thanking those who commented.

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Last year, a journalist in Tennessee had a similar run-in with an audience.

According to Nina Harrelson, a television news anchor with WREG in Memphis, a stranger came up to her and told her, “You can look big on TV!”

Harrelson responded to the comment on his social media pages, criticizing the man and saying, “We are not your eye candy.”

She received praise from others on social media for speaking out against inappropriate comments.