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New Year's resolution: the tempting topic

The countdown began; everyone was waiting for the clock to play 12:00 a.m. so they can celebrate a new year and full of promise and hope. However, I had set my focus on the resolution of my new year: that sweet self-promise for me.

I do this almost every year since I started high school but I have never managed to achieve any of the resolutions of my new year as they move downhill as my hopes for the new year. I'm definitely not a dramatic person, but in the first months of a new year, or even in the first few hours (as it was last year with Queen's attack) there has always been something that made me lose hope in my own future , as well as humanity. The year 2018 began with the greatest possible hope and, in addition, I am sure that this year will be the year in which I achieved the resolution of my new year.

The resolution of my new year is probably the same as that of millions of people around the world: it will become a healthy person in 2018. I have marked this year as the first year of my adult life: I have a home, a car and a husband for all the "young life" antics, ordering pizza in the middle of the night or staying up late even though I have commitments the next day. The year 2018 will meet the new Miraç. Or, I hope so.

New Year's resolutions are difficult to fulfill. With the joy of the arrival of a new year, we tend to believe that everything is possible with a new beginning but, in fact, nothing changes. You start getting up at 7:00 a. M. January 2 and the new year continue in this way with few changes.

The idea of ​​a New Year's resolution goes back to the Babylonians who promise their gods to pay their debts and be a good person in the change of each new year. Their traditions continued to be practiced by the Romans who made promises to Janus, the god who gave his name to the month of January.

Making a promise in the brick of a new year is certainly a tradition that humans have been practicing for thousands of years. However, can we do it? According to the annual Marist Poll survey published on, in 2017, the most popular resolution of the new year was to be a better person and spend less money and save more, improve health and eat healthier. However, 56 percent is not likely to make a new-year resolution, which is not very surprising. This is a survey conducted in the United States, but it can be applied to people around the world.

In summary, the most popular New Year's resolutions in the early hours of 2018 are set to disappear in February. [19659002] Experienced supporters believe that the reason new year resolutions fail is because people tend to set unrealistic goals. If you make very little money and the resolution of your new year is to save more money, that is not realistic.

The key to a successful New Year's resolution is to be honest with yourself. For me, adopting a new lifestyle is very realistic and very necessary, given the fact that I have maintained an unhealthy lifestyle for at least the last decade. As I approach the threshold of life, for me, who is turning 30, I realize that one has to take more care of oneself as they take on more responsibilities.

Realistic resolutions for the new year are surely the best way to start but there are also other steps to follow if you want to achieve your goal.

After establishing your goal, it is better to define it in detail. For example, I want to adopt a healthy life, but how? I definitely want to start eating healthy foods and exercising regularly. If you are one of those people who hate going to the gym, you can always find other ways to work your muscles. Martial arts are perhaps the most entertaining. Pilates is also an option to make new muscles. However, it is also understandable that you do not have enough time for these activities in the chaos of everyday life, therefore, walking is always a good idea.

Making promises can be the most difficult thing since you are the guardian yourself and sometimes it is good for others to know so they can help you on your journey to achieve your goal. Receiving support from your loved ones is much better than being your own support system. Let them know how they can help when things get tough, and if they really care, they will know the right things to say during difficult times.

I usually think that these promises made by myself are a duty. When something becomes a duty, you are not likely to enjoy it. Therefore, I make the resolution of my new year a fun trip. I started making healthy changes in my lifestyle a month ago. I stopped eating sugar and reduced carbohydrates, but not enough to affect my usual diet. I also started doing Pilates since I hate going to the gym every two days. These small and effective changes in my lifestyle prepared me for the task that lies before me. Starting today, I will fully adopt a healthy diet after cleaning my refrigerator.

I visualize the result of the resolution of my new year and it's actually quite good, if I may say so. I made a commitment that would affect the rest of my life, it would help me support and be there for those who love me. I do not know how this worked for the Babylonians, but surely there are many tempting situations for us, those of the millennium, to abandon the resolutions of our new year (given the fact that we do not make promises to the gods). The year 2018 is going to be good, I hope.

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