Where did Prince William and Kate Middleton have a college? Where did Prince William and Kate Middleton have a college?

Prince William and Kate Middleton have been married for more than seven years and are enthusiastic for almost 20 years. Indeed, this all started when both of them attended the same university back in 2001. Now, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is one of the most famous couples around the world. But if they did not go to college, things could be quite different.

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Will and Kate returned back in 2001

Will and Kate have been an item for almost 18 years. And everything started back in 2001, when the two decided to attend the same college. According to Bustle, Kate then went to Edinburgh University but changed his final mind and decided to go to William school instead. And when she got there, she caught her eye quickly. It's Rumor that Thomas would have been. saw Kate's gate, and in a while, he raised her confidence to ask her to come with her; board in the dining hall. However, although the two friends came quickly, they did not go straight.

Both were present at St Andrews University

Bustle reporting when Kate decided to attend Saint Andrew, some thought it was because of her; She knew that William was going to school where he was. However, Kate began to give a student of law that was not late to the year, and William started to going back somebody too. But since the couple were friends and went to school together, it would be clear that they would go to school; See more each other while the time was & # 39; going on. But William fell right to Kate during the second semester of his first year, when he saw a walk in a fashion session in the school. He looked at her different from that time, and told her a short time afterwards. Middleton broke things with her legal school, both of whom made their official relationship in due course.

Although they were getting a date for their & # 39; rest of the college, the couple decided to break in in 2007. They broke for a short while, and Kate said she was very depressing at that time, but at last, the stars were resolved and the two who got back together – and you know how the rest was.

Kate was one of the first royal women who had been attending college

Kate may not routinely reign the king with blood, but no matter, one of the first kings who went to college. Zara Tindall, his eldest grandson had previously been her husband. It was not common for women in the royal family to get secondary education. But how did Kate marry the prince if she was not? Today, it is more common for royal women to go to school than it was years ago. Mrs. Beatrice was and her daughter; Princess Eugenie, cousins ​​of William and Prince Harry, both attending college. Beatrice went to Goldsmiths College in London, and Eugenie went to Newcastle University in the north of England. Meghan Markle, who was, indeed, not a king, who was also present at the college. She graduated from Northwestern University. However, Kate remains one of several royal women to get a degree. It is not yet clear that her daughter, Charlotte, is going to college.

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