Verge 2018 technical statement card: Sound music

Although music stream has been an integral part of everyday life for similarities, music industry and technology companies have been on the back of the loop regularly and forever. So, in many ways, 2018 had a feeling like it; The first year the two divisions included innovation in the world of music that flows in ways that will have a significant impact on the future. There have been significant improvements to the users side, but this year's artists have been the most beneficial, many of which depend on a stream like the bread and butter.

Some shifts can be given to the platforms themselves, as services such as SoundCloud and Spotify have become new boundaries such as self-monetization. But the biggest change was from an application within the music industry, which came into effect in the Modern Modernization Act – a distinctive legislation designed to help artists to; get more pay from current services by removing the payment process.

The consumption of stream music is increasing every year. During the first half of 2017, services said 62% stream of revenue in a business; Music, the American Registration Industry Association (RIAA) said. The RIAA's only report for 2018 revealed that current flow is accounted for 75% of business income; music. It's a current stream where listeners and concerts live live, attract more corporate CDs, digital download, and licensing matters.

This year, streaming services were integrated into even more everyday materials, such as behavioral tools and online helpers. Pandora, Tidal, and Apple Music have all featured on Amazon Echo and Alexa tools; Apple Music made the road to an automated tablet and Android; Pandora Premium came to Google Home; Spotify launched Apple Watch; Amazon Music is now available on Android TV; and SoundCloud tracks are now divided into Instagram Stories.

2018 also indicated that YouTube YouTube's streaming music service has come, which has made good reviews in full, appear for low sound quality and some special UI options. Google argues YouTube YouTube has a benefit on the service boosting competitors as it includes not just official versions of songs, but revival, live versions, and shows. It's not just a pool service – people go to YouTube to watch live stream based on music. In November, there were nearly a million people on Ariana Grande playing YouTube for her & The first feature of her music video was "thanksgiving". YouTube is still the largest online streaming stream on the internet, but many of these traffic are from free accounts. Looking forward, YouTube needs to tell how to; they will change more musicians to pay customers.

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Getting more people does not pay for streaming music to & # 39; Strive for other services, it's Amazon Music Unlimited. Amazon launched Music Unlimited in April 2017 to compete with key players by streaming its printed speakers. In March, tell company The name Amazon Music had ten million millions of fans and Amazon Music Unlimited subscriptions have grown over 100 per cent in the last six months. Apple also added 10 million other subscribers between September 2017 and April 2018, and made a Shazam music musical recognition application. Spotify jump also in the number of supporters, adding 5 million payment bills between July and November this year.

User personalization was also a major issue among many services. The water included My Mix lists was organized by both people and algorithms. SoundCloud published a new new, new, innovative new entertainment based on listening habits, but met a detrimental effect on how it was delivering legitimate legitimate issues. The Pandora expanded the Genome Music Project to launch personal recordings weekly. He also launched a podcast section that continues to be a great deal on personalized suggestions, with Pandora saying that he is happy enough to mark podcast themes on individual party level. Spotify will have a test on & # 39; mixing personal songs including recordings, and reviewing its Premium service, & # 39; including a new independent playlist option based on artists designed for you, and can also be saved online.

For musicians, there was a reason to identify the flood in 2018, thanks to the Music Innovation Act. Musicians have worked extensively about their relationship with streaming services, whether it is over what they are paid, how long & for the payment of streams, or inclusion on inclusion is a visibility list (one estimate says that recorded allowances account for 30% of a stream of gaming platforms). So, the MMA was unanimously signed this year and with the help of musicians and music sheets was a great deal for future business and music.

The MMA will connect three pieces of legislation to speed up copyright law for the current time. Although it appears that it is two or two before the production of a music industry, the MMA seems to have been successful; going on significantly, and marked by labels, musicians and streaming services. It's a huge review. there is to license, flow and music payments, but it is the name that MMA should improve how song writers, producers, monsters and engineers are paid with services streaming, and & # 39; provides a simple process for royalties that can be obtained, and create one mechanical licensing database directed by music publishers and songwriters, as well as addressing other concerns.

Also interesting for musicians – 2018 that year on several platforms, and # 39; including SoundCloud, Spotify, and Mixcloud, which open self-monetization for indie artists. So far, some are better than others. The name Reporting the SoundCloud self-monetization contract, and # 39; identify the unthinking terms of the document, a restricted language, and dual-day pay dates. In response, SoundCloud wrote the contract, and addressed all the main points of action that were raised The nameOriginal report

Spotify is also trying to self-upload and give money, although the program is still in beta. It will be interesting to see what happens when Spotify is & # 39; Decides to make this feature public, especially because it is now a small advantage in the distribution of DistroKid music. In theory, this would mean that musicians were not only able to upload and perform their own music on the stage, but also spread it to another platform, all within the Spotify play for artists.

Half, a stream stream has launched a recent "fan-to-creator" subscription service on which Mixcloud Select, which uses a Patreon-like model where users & # 39 ; pay to solve features such as listening to listening and specific content. This is all the same as greater control of artists about how their music will be released, who have the rights, and how to make money out of their content. But these new freedoms come to new questions: how much new machines do they have to do with them? Put dent in the main power letters? And, self-monitoring platform will make real democracy on music, or to ensure that artists depend on a new and long-term system; Do company algorithms use as newborn gateways?

DJs saw an important struggle on how freight services were dealing with traditionally-used material such as copyright literacy – & # 39; It's unrecognizable / unauthorized mashups and full DJ seats. This thank you; Dubset rights solution agreement, which has been working hard over the last few years to legally illegitimate this content, paid to original rights guardians . Dubset added this list of partnerships this year, adding SoundCloud and Tidal to the list of companies it works. He also worked with Apple to include a section on Apple Music made for DJ mixing and live sets.

On the other side of the power spectrum from non-interpreting musicians, Taylor Swift, who also made some plays on behalf of artists when submitting a new contract with the Register of Records and General Music Group this year . As part of the contract, Swift is now a schoolmaster, and any sale of UMG departments in Spotify (which was released this year on New York Stock Exchange through a just just registered way) has been modified fairness for UMG artists.

Our allowances have ever had a steady stream of music. And, power is slowly moving to artists, but there is a long way to go. However, for the first time in time, it's a & # 39; Feeling things look up, both for those who have a look, making music, and those who like to listen.

Final level: B +

B +
2018 level

Verge 2018 statement card: Sound music

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Gold Stars

  • The Music Update Act was issued
  • There are more open companies for searching for copyright solutions
  • New self-monetization tools for artists
  • More opportunities for third party devices

Needs Development

  • Paper payments can be improved
  • Curation and playlist obviously
  • Streaming music applications do not still go up to snuff

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