Updated: The DRC's stability is causing concerns about essential minerals

Update: Official election results will not occur until January 15, but there is a bad idea in the Democratic Republic of Congo; frighten in unusual voting day and the consequences of a disproportionate effect. Voting devices, voters' lists were needed and at least three brutal deaths on 30 December, said Thomson Reuters. Reasonably made by the Ebola break in the north-east and violence in the western town, about 1,25 million citizens were delays on their face; opportunity to March, months after taking the new president.

The disaster could make it easier for the government to organize the vote, the world said and the post. "Any result of the opposition to a debate could continue to be the consequence of the violence that followed the 2006 and 2011 elections and wider security analysis, particularly on the border of Congo to Rwanda , Uganda and Burundi, where military militia dozens are active. "

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by Greg Klein December 28, 2018

But other appointments can not lead to elections that were too early causing the humanitarian decline of their Democratic Republic of Congo. For the Westerners remote from danger, the conflict also emphasizes the uncertain nature of essential minerals that are essential to today's society.

The inconvenience caused by the DRC causes concerns about essential minerals

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Rich in copper, gold and diamonds, as well as essential ingredients that include cobalt, tin, tantalum and niobium, the country is usually Choosing governments through coup, outgoing or election elections. The current president, Joseph Kabila, has been independently ruled from December 2016, when his order ended. Not much time was recorded for December 23, and he returned back a week, announcing the destruction of ballots in a freighthouse fire. On 26 December, the government asked to suspend voting in the north-east region to its March.

The delays began on month-to-month violence campaigns that are familiar with more than one hundred deaths in a racial war, as well as a strike between police and campaigners.

The government was sending a & # 39; The Ebola disease at the northwest, the second worst in history, was the tenth of the DRC from 1976 and the second country this year. The previous disease, killed a few in the former Equateur division, was officially terminated in July. The excuse for the latest voting delay was not confident in the fact that his or her official ministerial health officially recognized the current disease on August 1st.

Hundreds of deaths have been responsible for so far, this is happening among violence aimed at support staff as well as the local population. Like other parts of the country, there are several military groups that fight government forces for control, and each other over race and natural resources. Mineral resources can be mined, often with emergency workers, to protect more blood.

In 2017, the DRC contributed to 58% of the community, 34.5% of tin and 28.5% of tantalum, US Geological Survey reports. Both metal is essential and complex, DRC tantalum is an exceptionally difficult example for unprotected sources. Nearly Rwanda, another source of conflict swords, which delivered 30% of global provision 2017.

Katanga does not fail to compromise the dangers of nature and the extent to which Gertler Associates is unsuitable. Investors can not give anything to an accurate and transparent degree.-Jeff Kehoe,
commander of enforcement,
The Tarantans Authority of Ontario

Some of the leading companies that work in the DRC failed to increase over the country's endemic problems. In the middle of December, Glenkore TSX agreed to negotiate the company of Glencore TSX: KAT and the executives, penalties and costs of $ 36.25 million to the Ontario Tarantans Commission for a number of interruptions between 2012 and 2017.

The CSO said that Katanga had overdue copper products and copper-making material, it also dropped the risk of DRC pollution involving "the nature and degree of confidence of Katanga on individuals and units related to Dan Gertler, close relative of Gertler to Joseph Kabila, DRC leader, and allegations about Gertler being involved in pollution actions in the DRC. "

Israel, Gertler, is a famous family member of Israeli counterparts, who is a midwife between Kabila and mining companies that work in the DRC. Kabila and his family are interested in more than 80 companies and businesses, according to the 2017 study by the New York University Congo Research Group and the Pulitzer Center on Emergency Recognition.

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