TSB says CP training has begun to & # 39; move on himself before being killed

The Canadian Rail Rail train was converted and fell near Achadh, B.C., killed three members of the team, Accelerated out of control after the brakes were circulated without warning, researchers commented on the Transportation Safety Board on Tuesday.

Officers told the federal group that the 112-car train, three engines stopped at Partridge station just before Monday midnight to bring out its team, which was near the final service, James Carmichael, chief rail inspector by the TSB, said.

CP Train 301, dating from Red Deer through the City of California and over to Vancouver, stopped at the small station for about two hours, as the new team was not ready to leave when the crisis broke unexpected train and started off; Challenging a section of mountain paths to Auch.

"The train was stopped at the level with the air brakes in emergency for about two hours when the train started to move on. There were no hand brakes on the train," said Carmichael to actors in Calgary.

"The train. Afterward accelerated rapidly a speed higher than the highest (32 km / h) maximum speed, for the tight brackets and the level of the turning mountain, and breaking the train."

The director of Dylan Paradis, engineer engineer Andrew Dockrell and trainer Daniel Waldenberger-Bulmer, all of Calgary, died in the disaster, which happened at Mile 130.6, three kilometers away from the Partridge station where it was stopped .

Railway supplies told Monday Postmedia that the train had been moving around twice in the prescribed distance when leaving the line while & # 39; as it spreads a loop just before entering the Spioral Lower Tollail.

Concerning a CP Rail train, which included a locomotive, east of Range, B.C., on Monday, February 4, 2019. Three workers in the regiment died. Gavin Young / Postmedia

Gavin Young / Postmedia

Carmichael said that researchers had not been able to decide how quickly the train was going to; going when he left the way, as the recorder had a locomotive event as the main engine, who suffered a serious downturn when he came ashore on a shoreline, yet to be recovered.

All left behind only 13 of the carrier carriage cars and back train engine in the paths.

There are no clear officers about what the train might have to hold control or the brakes to release it, and this will be a key part of the investigation.

"Inspectors and others are working hard in challenging situations to fully understand what has been made so difficult," said Carmichael.

"There was nothing that the team did. The train started to move on by itself. We will try to find out why you did not. stay the brakes there. "

Dave Fulton, general chairman of the Rail Rail Team Conference, would not comment on Tuesday on what the brakes could do to fail, saying "the TSB's duty "to be & # 39; find out what happened.

Fulton said that he usually takes "30 to 40 minutes" to average to move a train; 24 km / h from the Partridge station to Range.

There are two TSB researchers still living at the crash site and they are supported by researchers at the Calgary office, TSB engineering works as well as the organization's human factors division.

Carmichael said that researchers should look for any electronic data from the three locomotives, interview behavior, and # 39; Investigate the potential impact of weather and rail policies to be reviewed.

"As with all the investigations, we will check all the information before we make any decisions. So, it's too early to tell about the causes and things that & # 39; add to this disaster that may be, "he said.

Carmichael can not say how long & # 39; what is expected to be carried out.

Many questions about the dead separation remain unresolved, President of the Caledonian Canal and President Keith Creel said in the statement of Tuesday.

"CP has investigated in and since then it has gathered a lot of information and we will continue to analyze to confirm the purpose of the remuneration," he said.

"We set up some basic information and get a starting understanding of the series of events.

"We will continue to lose the loss of the three CP members of our family. I spent the day at the breaking site (Monday), and I stopped stopping thinking about this event from what happened. "

Creel said that teams, contractors and rail bodies worked to clean the railway line and carry out safety surveys, with the expectation that the service will be restored to the line that was influenced by several days.


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