Toronto-Zurich turned to N.L. due to missionary travelers Staff

Published Monday, December 31, 2018 12:54 EST

Last updated, December 31, 2018 2:12 PM EST

Canada's trip to Switzerland was removed and delayed due to unreasonable passenger activity.

The plane took off from the Pearson International Airport in Mississauga, Ont., Sunday afternoon, going to Zurich.

He landed without registration at St John's International Airport about 2.5 hours later. Const. James Cadigan of Emergency Land Police said that police officers have been called to meet the removal aircraft "due to a misleading and attractive traveler."

A passenger on the Air Canada plane, Sarah Henshaw, said that the person involved was sitting three lines ahead of it.

She told that the man had tried to sit in the wrong airplane on the whole plane and disturb other passengers by going to her. playing music greatly, making "strange sounds" and his / her; states that he would have alcohol.

"There were just a few instances where flight attendants needed to deal with this person aboard," said Henshaw in a telephone interview.

The person started to crash at one time, said Henshaw. Air Canada does not allow the use of e-mails on its aircraft.

Henshaw said a number of flying attendants and a person's flight attempted to convince the person when the plane was over East Canada.

"We were just going to hit the Atlantic Ocean when they decided we had to go 35 minutes south to St John for a stop," she said.

Ahmed Khassim, 29, was arrested after the plane landed at St John. Khassim said in the court on Monday, and he's to cover the cost under the Air Act for carrying out the behavior of the Air Act; threaten airplane people.

According to Air Canada, the plane changed and continued to Zurich after the arrest of the person. There were 287 people living in Switzerland about three hours behind.

None of the allegations were confirmed in court.

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