The Year's Eve & # 39; New time at Fortnite featuring players worried about time zones

"Fortnite" has been renowned for its special events in a game, many of which are once true. So, the game has its own New Year event; Continue, fill ball members and firearms for when the clock opens midnight.

But there is a "football founder" that has more than 200 million players around the world; means that players in different timescales can see the new year at different times. There was a simple solution to the creation of "Fortnite" created by Epic Games, a New Year's member in "Fortnite" will be a & # 39; Falling at the top of an hour to describe midnight in the 24 zones throughout the world.

However, some of the players were surprised at the early nights of the New Year's Eve Night; play "Fortnite" to see the fireworks coming early for their own time zone. When the ball falls in the players "Fortnite" they have to dance for a few fingers, and make sure they can not give up. A number of players started to social media to announce that Fortnite's New Year's "anniversary was away early.

Honest mistake is to be certain, but its "Fortnite" community has gone up with responses to the "early" event, with a response from Epic Games. Co-founder and Former President Mark Rein committed players calmly Believe that the event was quickly promoted in error.

"Do not you understand that it's time consuming or do you think this is the only time in the world?" You did it again.

Epic spokesperson Nick Chester and Rein subsequently confirmed that the event would take place every hour to account for each zone once.

I hope the event will be so wide ranging as a "Fortnite" community; stretching, and reminding some that the ground is; going around the sun, not around them.

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