The Real Purpose you can never see the monsters in Birds & # 39; Netflix

Warning: This is a list of distributors about the Bird Bird box.

Sometimes the fools are shorter than those you never see.

Original Netflix Film Bird box continues to grow. He built up 45 million spectacular watches in the first seven days of discharge and his / her. continue to host audiences and its & # 39; abolish people's crackdown. But this is not a traditional gore-fest. It is a psychiatic box in a box with a post-apocalyptic passage where the shorter parts are the ones you can never see.

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What's in an "Bird box"?

The story follows a woman called Malorie who is a trying to get her two young children to safety from some episodes. These wonderful scenes, whatever they are, is so funny that it is causing people to experience; self-kill immediately after seeing them. Malorie needs to go through a stream that is deleted from & # 39; pressure to bring her children to safety. She is so frightened about her love and losing her even if he is not even ill. and name them.

What are the aliens in & # 39; Bird Box &

One of the delegates made clever things for the movie to keep the elephants' choice hidden from the audience. The idea is that it is more likely than you think is more likely than what would be shown on the screen. In other words, your monster is personal – and that's so frightening.

Eric Screener Eric Heisserer argued that makers made close to the elephants, but then decided that it was clearer to stop them from appearing.

"There was a time when one of the representatives seemed," No, you have to see something at any time & # 39; and it has made me write in particular a shellfish where Malorie a & # 39 ; feeling one in that house, "said Heisserer.

What would be like the monsters?

Everything is questioning to fans – what would the monsters look like? There is a reply for that.

Sandra Bullock described the following creatures: "It was a green man with a terrible baby," she said. "It seemed like a snake, and it seemed, and I do not want to see it when it happens first. Just go into the room. We will burn on the -sealladh. "I'm going to turn on and it's like this [growling at me.] It makes me smile. It was just a long-term child. "

A smile smiled the idea that film producers wanted to give. Failure to have audiences a & # 39; think it was bad or humorous, the scenes with a monster show that it was cut off; the end.

The monsters are different to everyone

The Director, Susanne Bier, issued it formally when she said,

"Whatever the ones, they'll get into the deepest fear. There is a lot of fear of all being different from the person. Another. I think I'll get a hard copy format to show that it's weak. Where the wonder is very strong, then trying to appear it is kind without a reason. So it was the wrong decision. "

There was also no other benefit to show the monsters in the movie. By leaving open questions, open questions, how to go; happening to the children and what the monsters look like, which means that there may be a sequence to explore these subjects. Tell time that this will happen in 2019.

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