The Real Purpose of Danielle Staub Married Marty Caffrey

Danielle Staub and Marty Caffrey Danielle Staub and Marty Caffrey Danielle Staub via Instagram

Danielle Staub participated in and married Marty Caffrey in the 9th of Rome New Jersey Household Homes (RHONJ.) But the marriage came to an end and there are many allegations between Staub and Caffrey about what happened in their marriage. It seems that things did not go well before they officially tie the knot. Why did Danielle Staub marry Marty Caffrey? Find out why she wanted to go through the marriage.

Danielle Staub said she was expecting a marriage to Marty Caffrey & # 39; It would be better than b & # 39; better & # 39;

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The realistic star said that things were already going well between her and her husband, Marty Caffrey, before they got married. However, she went with her wedding because she hoped that things would change.

"You're sliding to the border and you're hitting cars," Danielle Staub explained to us for a Week. "Well, that's what I'm doing. I do not hit a rock base, I want to rid of this whole thing because I thought that marriage could do better than that. I thought it would be safer … I was waiting, how most women do and do a lot Many people do, you wait for that person to go back to the person you fell in love. "

She has charged Caffrey to be rude

Caffrey was sent for a divorce divorced and told her he was tough. "He turned on me," continued Staub forward. "He must shine out. He's not a good person. It's not a really good person and I did everything he wanted to do to try to stop this safely. "

Staub responded to the court saying that Caffrey recorded her during a genre without her knowledge, then it was a threat to the videos, depending on the weekly basis. She also said that he was getting rid of her and her. harassment again [her] for being sexually misleading [her] father as a child "and kept her down when she" brutally disturbed the fragile thoughts of her face. "

Caffy responded to the allegations

The businesswoman responded to our allegations to a Week by describing "impartiality" and "doing". The statement states:

I was expecting Danielle to go on this way. She is in a hurry when I refused to let the divorce divide and the simplest sheets she has been getting after I attacked my children. But Danielle Staub's mind is only capable of making this type of stuff. She wanted to settle her three days ago and told me she was in love. If I were guilty of those things, why would you want to settle it? Danielle will go to any depth to attract people and be tolerant. Bring her daughters to this? I'm sorry for them. Be your mother! None of these are correct or near the truth. This is just Danielle Staub who attempts to get people out of her way in the past, but he does not work this time.

The two people continue to & # 39; go to court to end the divorce.

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