The "NYC-Sized" Earthquake Warning System "There are usually more sounds to talk to submarines

China says that he often raised an antenna series often low to low, or ELF, the size of New York City, as well as a smaller system and to # 39; data processing process and signal broadcasting facilities at various locations throughout the country. Officially, the entire system, known as the WEM Electromagnetic Project or Wire WEM, will support the Chinese construction industry and will provide an early warning of earthquake. However, there is a great evidence that his / her main function may be to & # 39; communicating long-term communication with Chinese tubes, an essential ability to support the boats is preparing a growing and expanding nuclear weapons ballistic.

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updating the WEM Project on December 31, 2018. The antenna and other sites have been over ten years ago, with a & # 39; Program is a key part of China's 11th Five-Year Plan, which began in 2006. However, China has been particularly secretary about the project and has not officially revealed its major performance site. Information is available to show its & # 39; Most of the WEM Project that is within the central area of ​​Huazhong, according to the PostSouth Westerly

The ELF radio waves have a valid capacity to enter deep underwater and ground. In principle, this means that a large antenna option might be useful in & # 39; Finding underground natural resources, such as precious metal or fossil fuels. Mineral companies already use radar and laser imaging systems that are availed. affecting the ground for similar reasons.

It may be possible to use such a system to monitor the movement of Earth beneath the Earth. This may, as a result, give early indications of an earthquake that is in a position; going on, not unusual in many parts of the country. The worst earthquake ever happened in China in the 16th century, Killing between 820,000 and 830,000 people based on UK records.

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Worker at a Chinese coal mine in Mongolia inside.

There is a very good scholarship in ELF advocacy in these two civilizations and China's researchers have published work on these subjects. The WEM Project also secured through government budgets for civilian projects, according to the PostSouth Westerly

However, at the same time, there is important information that suggests that civil claims may be so important to the Chinese government. ELF's radio wavelengths are capable of entering hundreds of waterproofs as a means of communication with underwater boats.

With comparison, frequency is very low, or VLF, wave can not be reduced to about 100 feet below water at the best. This means that tumbers need to be relatively close to the surface or to the surface; using an antenna drawn to use these types of communication. There is a danger that this could cause the situation to be removed and more vulnerable to resisting the forces against the tumors.


The US Navy Record shows different communication options under the boat and its associated dangers. The "clock" icon for "stealth" VLF / ELF transitions shows that this is one-way single-ringed "hornagne" that will be used to warn a boat- I need to find a safe place to get closer to the surface to get extra information.

One of the great benefits of today's seagulls, especially powerful nuclear types and boats with independent non-nuclear behavioral systems, can still remain hidden underwater for long time. This gives them important features. It also makes it suitable for a & # 39; collect information independently or, if they are armed with current ground attacks or nuclear devices, to calmly restrain themselves for short or uncertain strikes.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the 724 China Research Institute, part of the Chinese Construction Ship Company (CSIC), the main provider of communications and other companies to Army Navy Liberation People (PLAN), has been responsible for & # 39; WEM Building Project. Lu Jianxun, the leading project scientist, is also publicly involved in advanced communication work for his / her. plan, the Post recited.

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Invasion vessel with nuclear power Type 091.

CSIC President Hu Wenmin visited the site in May 2017. He stated that he was interested in raising the WEM project and promoting ideas and requirements for the ongoing development of the project and the technical application in areas of co- connected ", said afterward by the company that was read.

An Post They also published a translation map showing the different parts of the WEM Project system, which came from the plan. In addition to a large extent in the middle of China, there is also a report near the southern coast of China, which would be relatively close to the main sea center on Hainan Island.

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A map description that shows the general position across the components of the WEM Project.

"Although I'm involved in the project, I do not know where it is. It should be run and now," said Chen Xiaobin, a researcher with the Geology Institute, Timber Administration the wine of Cina, Post, showing security level around its & # 39; A project that looks very big for the civilized goals announced. "This center will have an important use if a war breaks out."

Unfortunately, ELF systems are totally ineffective and require large sites in very specific roles to provide any reasonable communication capacity. They are also limited in the volume of information that they can carry and how quickly they can, and what they can, Text messaging is only very slow. Due to the lack of space required on the tumbers for their own ELF broadcasters, these single-way warnings often tell the boat team to safely get in to find out real instructions.

Only three other countries – the United States, Russia, and India – have no ELF shipping sites. The US Navy closed the final center in 2004, officially because they were resolved as a result of improvements in very few communications systems, or VLF. The Navy fleet is 16 E-6B. Strategic communications planes, mercury, together with land-based VLF stations, are currently in place; The US military war's main weapon warrant communication with tumbler boats.


A portrait of the main building at a facility across Clam Lake ELF of the US Navy in 1982.

U.S. military still using VLF waves to provide "Emergency Action Messages" as an important part of the nuclear strike process, which you can read about more closely here. The Defense Forward Research Project (DARPA), the main research and development agency of Pentagon, among others, has been on explore their ability for better communications options regarding laser and places.

Despite this, for China, the largest single submarine force is on its own; planet, they can communicate with these boats without needing surface or near surface the essential ability. China had previously been infected with a high illness, or SLF, in 2009 and subsequently showed a starting capacity for communication with underwater tumbers over long distances.

ELF offers an additional way to inform deepwater boats under the sea that there are new orders or other information; they need. It also provides a long-distance communication capability, which will be valuable to the PLAN as it still works to; grow from a regional force to a global one.

Even more importantly, however, the WEM Project could be essential for China's development of its ability to block its ballistic ballistic (SLBM) ban. In that case, the ability of ballistic balloon tumors, or SSBNs, can be underwater for a long time to be removed from searching and invasion and ensure that they are capable of their purpose if necessary.

At this time, a Chinese army is not near the nuclear command and infrastructure management that the United States has; made in the air and on the ground. One or more ELF referees would be a cost effective way to extend communications options in the long term in terms of the country's SSBN force, which grows in size and breadth.

In 2018, information that emphasized China's nuclear barrier was more than justified than publicly understood. In November 2018, one of a series of 094 plans Jinthat the classic ballistic ballistic tumblers continued to continue; First JL-3 strong fuel ballistic pilot balloon aircraft, with an approximate range of almost 5,600 miles. The JL-2 can only contain targets that hit around 4,350 miles away.

That same month, satellite images seemed to show that there are four types of 094 at; plan and two more could be built. China has not confirmed publicly how much Jin-classes that are or are expected to give.

"Four in China are four Jin-class SSBN to display its & # 39; the first nuclear warrant in China, "said US military in the 2018 edition of its Power Military annual report." Construction at the beginning of the 2020s may begin "the next generation of a series of China's 096 SSBN series, which will be reported with the ongoing SLBM JL-3. "

In order to become the smuggling nuclear lagoon based on marine seagulls, it will increasingly need sufficient communication and architecture and control. The WEM Project timeline, which began the same year that published its first type 094 in public satellite images, was good in line with the type of planned developments. By placing & # 39; Key equipment in the middle of China also makes it harder for challengers to be concentrated in an emergency.

It is still to be seen if China has continued to & # 39; Long-term ELF communication is employed, or has been abandoned as the United States made for other options. But the WEM Project is that the country is willing to make important investments in technology now to improve its capacity to communicate with the large and emerging submarines.

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