The Glasgow World is suffering from being arrested and arrested; a major accident in Burnaby

RCMP Surrey has been arrested by Daon Gordon Glasgow in relation to the Const Constabulary Police Hunt. Wednesday Josh Harms at SkyTrain Road Scott Station in Surrey, B.C.

According to RCMP Surrey, Glasgow was arrested at home at block 7500 Road at Burnie Road at Burnaby at 5:30 a.m. on Sunday morning.

In a news conference on Sunday morning, Deputy Commissioner Dwayne McDonald told Surrey RCMP that no one had been injured in what he said was "a high risk".

He said the home where Glasgow was arrested four years, and that all three other units were evicted before being arrested. Other police were held by three others, but were released shortly after that. McDonald said he did not know how long Glasgow was at home.

RCMP Surrey Crime Unit, Lowland Emergency Response Team, Lowland Integrated Police Constabulary, On 1 and Burnaby RCMP helped arrest.

McDonald said Glasgow, currently 35, is being held in connection with a special warrant without being illegal before arriving on a Wednesday hunt.

The police are now working with the BC Attorney Service to position their incineration costs.

Shortly after burning at the SkyTrain station in Scott Road, the police dropped images of a suspect, recognized by the police of Daon Gordon Glasgow. (Surrey RCMP)

Harms, 27, had been running regularly on Wednesday when a suspicion was killed on the SkyTrain station at Scott Road about 4:20 p.m. PT.

His wound did not threaten life.

In a news conference, Barry Kross, head of the Metro Transit of Vancouver Police said Harms "was doing well" and got back at home.

In the following days, police launched pictures of hunting trunks and said they were looking for Glasgow. There were at least 80 officers in four local handlers. Schools and accommodation were scheduled for a while on Wednesday afternoon.

"It's definitely a team effort to explore this stage to come to an end, a successful decision, as it is today," said Kross.

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McDonald would not comment on how Glasgow was arrested from home, but he said that the police "brought out every stop that threatened the safety of their people".

"In Wednesday, we needed to consider that this was not a targeted event, that the person who was suspected of firearming and a great deal in the public, and there was a greater danger of violence," he said.

"These reasons are a very bad danger for public safety and from the outset, this has been a very difficult investigation."

He has previously been determined in Glasgow to kill a man in the death of Terry Scott in 2010 at McDonald's near 110th Avenue and Scott Road, just blocks away from Harms killed.

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