The child will continue to accidentally surgeon in Sherbrooke hospital

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Published on Sunday, January 13, 2019 10:30 PM EST

Last updated Sunday, January 13, 2019 10:38 PM EST

A child was sent out; to abandon the eight-wave attack from the Sherbrooke Hospital University Sunday.

Zabryna Delaney, Alysse, was born to a short degree by section C because she was not sufficiently fed from the phlacent.

On December 19, Delaney took her daughter to hospital after being aware that she did not breathe properly.

Then the hospital staff made three times on Alysse the number of people who had to face the situation.

The wrong amount was given based on the child's weight.

"The situation is totally uncertain," said Delaney. "It's really fun to know that my daughter went into hospital for a major disease … and ended up being treated for heart attack."

Alysse is now home to get back with her family, but he's still on a medicine.

"She also has other health conditions," said Delaney. "She also drew away from the psychiatics that she was under age."

Delaney discusses legal action against the hospital and has already contacted a lawyer.

"I sent the file to a legal company," she said. "They are now looking to see what I have."

The family has also set up the GoFundMe page.

Delaney and her husband were unable to work in Alysse hospital, and also have four other children.

Her advice to hospital staff is to verify what the doctors they give to patients.

"Honestly, I tell them to analyze every amount that they order people to stop those things," she said.

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