Soupage remembers due to metal in meat

A meat producer remembers more than 11,000 pounds of shingles; There are concerns about metal in the meat.

On Sunday, R. L. Zeigler stated that he would remember 11,664 pounds of nostrils and flesh seeds due to concerns that could contain metal pieces.

The company has a & # 39; Remember red red red chickens and a pig pork that was taken on November 29th. The 24-ounce packets of the hot red sausages are dated 24 January 2019.

R. L. Zeigler noted the problems posed after two complainants had received complaints after they had received pollution materials in December. To date, no verification reports have been made about illness or adverse effects on the sausages.

Earlier in December, CTI Foods LLC reminded about 29,028 not of Jimmy Dean's siosail connections due to potential threats of metal pieces. The United States Department of Agriculture found the problem with the Jimmy Dean sausages when it was reported that CTI Foods had received five objections from people on metal pieces in the sweeter links.

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If you bought some of the repealed sausages, the USDA Food Safety and Safety Service will quickly throw or return the product to the & # 39; shop where it was purchased.

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